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now_kahn.gif (67307 bytes)This is a newer internet tool, which provides a better compression than Kali! But as there are much less servers for Kahn, this one is not the right choice for example Germans! Also, there is no proxy, no NT4-version (yet)! So, which of both - Kali or Kahn - is the better choice, varies from user to user!

The shareware version of Kahn is limited to 21 day using! To register you must send in $15 (see http://www.stargatenetworks.com for details!).

We, the Descent Network, have as NT-only users no experiences with Kahn, so sorry, we cannot help you with technical questions about Kahn... The right place for questions is:



StarGate Networks is proud to announce the long-awaited release on Kahn v1.1, our IPX/IP gaming utliity.  We’ve compiled a list of the new features and a few questions about the new version.

What's new in V1.2:

New in the Kahn Control Center:

New in Kahn Chat:

Will beta versions of Kahn still work?

Unfortunately, no. In the interest of adding new features, we had to eliminate backward compatibility. Kahn V1.1 uses different UDP ports than the beta versions and works differently internally.  Therefore we encourage everyone to upgrade to Kahn V1.1 as soon as possible. Kahn V1.1 will use the registry settings from the beta versions so you should not need to make any changes to your current settings. You cannot run Kahn V1.1 and a beta version at the same time; however, they can both exist on the same machine. Also note that the VxD for Kahn V1.1 is not compatible with the beta versions, so please make sure you don't swap files.

How long will the beta versions continue to work?

There are a lot of Kahn beta clients and servers on the Internet today and we hope everyone will upgrade their client software as soon as they can. We will be releasing the v1.1 server software very soon and we will take down the beta tracker and servers as more v1.1 servers come on line. However we will wait a reasonable amount of time before killing the beta network but it will happen shortly. If you have a beta server and you want to keep it active, please make sure you update your server software as soon as possible. Also, a v1.1 and a beta server can exist on the same machine simultaneously. And as before, the server software is still free.


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