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Welcome to the World of Kali

logo_kali.jpg (16298 bytes)Kali lets you play ANY IPX game over the Internet! This includes both Descent 1 and 2 and many other games... It is made by internally converting TCP/IP packages to IPX and same back, while simulating an IPX mode! This works under DOS, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows NT, Mac and some Linux/Unix-OS's, although we *HIGHLY* recommend using the Windows 95/NT version, as it has a great menu interface (while all others are text-based and e.g. the DOS-version is quite complicated to install!).

Kali itself is devided into 3 parts:

Kali can be downloaded as a shareware version, which runs 15 minutes and then stops! You can then close Kali and restart it for another 15 minutes and so on... Playing Descent for 15 minutes is so possible, but it isn't very funny to have to interrupt the action every 15 minutes! So you have to register it on http://www.kali.net to get rid of the 15 minutes! After paying $20, you'll receive a code that disables the shareware restrictions and for example enables defining an own chat font! Using this code you can later update to higher versions of Kali without having to pay for it again! So it is a one-time-payment, which really is worth it!! By the way, there are various hacked versions of Kali on the net! Forget them, they only work when using a Kali-Server in the own LAN, but not in the Internet! Also note, that one code can only be used by one computer at the same time! As soon as a 2nd computer tries to connect to Kali while the 1st is still in Kali online, the 2nd computer will be denied!

Now get Kali and then have some fun...



Win32 version:

DOS version:

OS/2 version:



Actually there seems to be the following interesting Kali-servers for Descent-players:


Links to some Kali-Homepages

Here are some Homepages to visit: