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Backfire by Luke Schneider

I've had a long break from level designing since I finished the Entropy Experiment, so I just whipped up a little multiplayer level in a day and this nice little level is the result. There was no grand idea when I began, but I knew I wanted a small level with textures like Entropy Level 2. It turned into a very charming piece of work which should work great for hoard or capture the flag mode (although trying to fit more than 6 in the level will be tough). This level is quite 3D, so I doubt it'll become popular at all (not that any of my other levels are besides Entropy).

To open the scoring areas, simply go out of the doors on the upper level. This means you need to go up the tube to actually score. Going into the reactor room closes both cages, and each cage closes after someone leaves it. I'd love to play this thing in hoard mode...

A few design notes: There is no exit, so there's no chance for the flags to get hidden somewhere (except the reactor cube of course). The reactor has 20,000 hit points (that's a lot) so it should survive a lot of punishment even if you don't set the invulnerability. And the countdown is real short (5-15 seconds) so if you do destroy the reactor, you don't have to suffer long before you all die. I used Devil 2.1h and 2.2k along with DBB and DMB2.

I included a custom MIDI track for anyone who cares. The original song sounds a bit better, but the track is more than satisfactory for GM standards. Sorry, but I didn't include the actual .MID so Win95 D2 people need to use DTX2 to convert.


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