Last Updated: 03/31/99 

Dark Side of the Moon by Dan Wentz

Welcome to the most recent level. This time, I was going for something that is truely unique; A level containing a virtual "planet". DBB was again used as was the case with Abyss, but this time I was determined to make use of the sphere. I trust I was successfull. A whole lot of time was spent on rehashing geometry; making framerates as acceptable as possible. A word of caution, if you own anything below a P120, you may want to turn down the detail levels a bit. While orbiting the planet, battles might get a bit sticky depending on which way you face. VooDoo players rejoice! This is as 3d as it gets!! There are a few hidden powerups, but I'll leave them for you to find.


sign_download.gif (151 bytes) Download Dark Side of the Moon (Normal version) (60 kB)

sign_download.gif (151 bytes) Download Darker Side of the Moon (Earthshaker version) (60 kB)



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