Last Updated: 03/31/99 

sign_new.gif (970 bytes) Evolution by Luke Schneider

This level is special because there's absolutely nothing special about it (a rarity for me these days). I just wanted to make a level, something that would be fun in the old school style (dogfighting I mean), and this little thing is the result. It's a little big for 2, so try to get at least 3 for anarchy games unless you like searching a bit. I messed with a bunch of texture schemes for this one, but finally just used the same thing I used on Earth (Elemental Insanity), so a better name for this would probably be "Earth 2", but that name was tainted by that NBC series a while back.

Thanks to Sandra Skarke for reminding to put more weapons in my levels. There are plenty, enough for 4 players in here (hope that's enough!), but they aren't that powerful.

Enjoy the level.


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