Last Updated: 03/31/99 

Hive by Dan Wentz

My latest level for D2, playing in a beehive! Thanks again to Run Dunlop for his assistance with the custom textures. The level is designed mainly for flag/hoard games, but you should probably read the notes below (or the included TXT file, which is the same ;-) ) for specifics...

Flag/Hoard notes: As you'll notice, either goal is covered by locked gates. The only way to open them is by flying through and tripping the "open-door triggers" on the upper and lower tunnel entrances facing the respective goal(s).

Also, to make it easier to figure out where you are in relation to the goals, each tunnel is color coded. Further more, the lowest of the three levels has color coded directional arrows on the floor leading up. The top level has the same type of arrows but on the ceiling.

Hopefully you won't get too confused. I tried to keep the layout fairly small, and experienced some pretty good paced 2 player flag games. Hoard is also highly recommended.

Level Design: Dan "Ebola" Wentz
Texture Design: Rob "Player formally known as Picasso" Dunlop Beta Tester: Garry "Sikahema" Herod

Enjoy, but leave the textures where you found em! :)


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