Last Updated: 03/31/99 

Tiny Collection by Kruemel

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IDEAL FOR 2 PLAYERS DOGFIGHTS LIKE MODEM GAMES. Inspired by FractalD's DefCon Series! This is a small collection made for dogfights and modem games. It was made by Sandra Skarke alias Kruemel from the Descent Network Team. It contains 3 levels. It's also possible to play the levels with more up to 8 players. Sometimes it's really funny to play with many players in a very little level.
Hint: The levels contain own textures. That's why you should use Descent 2 V1.2!

The TINY COLLECTION logo was made by NeeliX from Descent Network!


sign_download.gif (151 bytes) Download TINY COLLECTION (108 kB)


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