Gaussian Blur

The final level of Obsidian is also one of the most dangerous. You start in the heavily infested boss room, where you must find your way to the boss, destroy it, and then destroy the central power core. A teleporter will prove useful for destroying the boss robot. But note that once you're in the power core, there's no going back.

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Mission Statistics

In Gaussian Blur, you must first destroy one of the five boss robots. They are not too dangerous, but the defending robots are scattered densely throughout the level, and a number of them are Class 4 Heavy Drillers. After you have destroyed the boss, you must gain access to the central power core by picking up a keycard the boss robots drop. Find the Blue Key located somewhere here.

The defence system in this level is extremely dangerous. Be wary of C4HD/IDR combinations. These two robots were designed to work together.

Try to find the teleporter in this level. It will make your task much easier.