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By Stephen Koppes

Last Updated: 03/31/99 




Three months after the fall of PTMC came a new faction, PolyHedron Corporation (In Entropy 2). Soon the remnants of PTMC, (the PolyHedron Corp) and the Mekanaut engaged each other in a race to get their hands on the warp-core prototype which was still in Hawkeye 3's ship. A mercenary named Aeon Reiser caused that ship to be destroyed, preventing PTMC or the Mekanaut from ever getting their hands on it. While upset about the destruction of that ship, neither side was watching what was going on, and they crashed into each other, obliterating all trace of PolyHedron Corp, PTMC and the Mekanaut. The galaxy was full of confusion. PTMC and it's affiliates no longer had an iron grip on anyone, and things got quite out of hand. Several factions formed, to help control mining and interstellar traffic.

GTCC (Galactic Trade Comissions Council), FLMM (Flight and Mining Managment), and MTGT (Mining and Transport Government Trade) all of which collapsed under their own rule rapidly. Still, all was in chaos, but these factions had made matters even worse.

Thus, the birth of MCGA, Miners Corporation Galactic Affiliates. MCGA's belief is that no man should be treated unfairly. All rule should be just rule, and all limitations should be resonable and for just cause. All those employed by PTMC or any of it's factions were instantly wary of a new power that rose up so quickly, while keeping itself together, thinking that it just might be a new PTMC. They were wrong. MCGA's employees are glad to be part of it, not some people hired for alot of money for something they do not want to do. Sometimes though, resistance does occur, like now, in which cases they do hire people for elimination.

Your name is Kurt Wallace, your contact is Ian Zemmings. You are on your off duty cycle when your comm unit starts beeping. Incoming transmission from MCGA HQ: Miners Corp Galactic Affiliates:

Priority: High
Secure: Yes
Encoding: Sigma Gama Pi 732
Waiting for reply:

A secure transmission at this time of the day?!
I wonder what's up now.
Computer, acknowledge the transmission.
Affirmitave, acknowledging now...

Hello Kurt, this is Ian at ops, am I distrubing you?
Besides waking me up in the middle of the night...
Good, we need you here at HQ right away!
Ian, why do you...
Cut the small talk Kurt, get here now or be looking for a new job by morning.
Ok, ok! Don't get pushy, I'm coming!
I wonder what it is this time? Ian seemed really nervous!

Miners Corp Galactic Affiliates: Operations Center
Ian Zemmings office, third floor

Hello Ian, What was the rush?
Let's get down to buisness while there is still one around.
What ??
We have had a total loss of contact with the Omicron Nebula.
Well that is so far away it is no wonder!
Now, tell me Ian, why is that so bad?
This information is restricted but considering the circumstances, you should know.

The Omicron Nebula is home to a large operations/testing facility that is fully self-contained.

We have been performing some tests on a new material, Oberon, which is providing some pleasing results for ultra-warp speeds. This material is used in the Omega-Transwarp-Drive, or OTD.

The problem is that some of the robots Artifical Intelligence got messed up when they were used with early proto-type OTD drives.
This, unfortunatly, did not show up until recently when a staged takeover of the main power generating plant, Dynamic Airon Repulsor Kryloids Nitrous-Ion Generating Heat-Repulsor Plant, DARK NIGHT, took place.

Since the robots now controlled the power plant, they were able to stage 'power outs' at the Omicron Ops, which doubles as a repair station, and those robots quickly took workers hostage. Now they had the power plant and the main operations center.

Since then, they have taken over 4 other bases:

AI Virus Removal Center Td!2Z,
'Virus! 2'

Secure High-Security All-Purpose Kryloid, Oberon, Robot and Missle Storage Area,
'The Shak'O'Rama Storage Base'

Shishomi Processing/Testing Facility for Environment Rescource Control (E.v.R.),
'Shishomi Forever'

And the Dynamic Achryllion Rescource Testing - Decontamination and Assembly of Thermal Machines - Tachon Rescource Facility,
'Dart's Deathmatch'

We most recently lost comminucations with Pkyat Communications Relay for Oberon Machining and Extraction facilities

We need some help on getting the workers back while disabling the whole process temporarily, so that research may be further continued in the near future.
Let me guess, you need me to go there and 'fix up' your little problem, right?
Yes, though, we believe that they have started modifing things on their own, and that makes this situation even more serious.
Have you EVER tried to put down a resistance of robots in a mine? How about several INDUSTRIAL CENTERS?! I have done industrial before and it's tough!
We have an idea that these are less infested than those processing bases in the Alpha Centauri system that you cleaned up for PTMC ten years ago, and yes, I have done industrial before, although not heavily infested.
That is why you will be heavily compensated...
Money? How much are we talking here?
Please do not interrupt me.
As I was about to say, you will be paid 1 million C. Kards per disabled base. Plus a bonus if you do them all.
10 million C. Kards, that is how much we will pay for disabling all of the bases in the Omicron Nebula.
Do you wish to accept Kurt?
Ian, do you know me to turn down Kards for anything?
When do I start?
Go take your ship to Avionicx for a Hi-Speed Trans Drive.
You will be on your way within the hour.

Leaving orbit of space station Omega Alpha 5:
Hey, Kurt, off the record I'd like to say be carefull.
Ian, have you ever known me to be anything other than carefull?
Wait a minute, don't answer that.
Kurt, one other thing, we had heard that the robots had made a few modifications to weaponry and maybe themselves also.
Thanks for letting me know before I got there!
Kurt out
Well, now I know why they are paying so much! Robots modifying themselves, this IS bad!




The Levels


lvl1.jpg (104498 bytes) Level 1: Virus 2

Virus 2 is were the infestation first began, it was taken over quickly to disable the robot virus-removal base before they were able to remove the virus from the robots

lvl2.jpg (79484 bytes) Level 2: Darknight Power Facility

Darknight is the main power distribution plant of the Omicron Nebula it was taken over to be able to stage power outs at other plants, to aid in robot takeover of those other bases

lvl3.jpg (93141 bytes) Level 3: Shakorama Storge Base

We believe this base was captured so that the robots had a large amount of weaponry to aid in further overthrows

lvl4.jpg (71402 bytes) Level 4: Omicron Operations Center

When the robots got their intelligence into this center, they had control of the other bases. This was used to shut down outside communications and import/export freighters

lvl5.jpg (142417 bytes) Level 5: Shishomi Forever

This is the base where OBERON processing and testing was taking place. The robots now had their claws on one of the most valuable resources in this nebula

lvl6.jpg (71378 bytes) Level 6: Dart's Deathmatch

This is the base where main testing on OBERON is carried out. The robots now have total control of this new material.

lvl7.jpg (104641 bytes) Level 7: PyroMax Squared

This is the final comunications link between the Omicron Nebula and the outside world. It has not yet been completely infested


The Nebula


omicneb.jpg (49508 bytes)


The Robots


class5 drone.gif (1927 bytes)

cube-o-tron.gif (2194 bytes)

quadratron.gif (1883 bytes)

security droid.gif (2757 bytes)

stinger.gif (2518 bytes)

From left to right: Class5 Drone, Cube-o-tron Defense, Quadratron, Priority 5 Security Droid, Long-Range Stingray (Stinger)




The Download

Before you download, please take a look again at your Descent 2 version and ensure that you have Descent 2 Vertigo Enhanced. If you only own Descent 2 Destination Quartzon, the Descent 2 Interactive Demo or Descent 2 Commercial with the free V1.2 patch, simply forget it: these versions are not compatible to The Omicron Project! (Verite/Voodoo/3Dfx versions can be used when Vertigo is installed).

When starting the OMICRON.EXE, a prompt will ask you for the path to the MISSIONS subdirectory of Descent 2 Commercial V1.2. Enter that path and press RETURN. If the EXE is already located in the MISSIONS subdirectory, then just hit RETURN. To play, simply go to "New Game..." from the Descent 2 main menu and select The Omicron Project

Note for Macintosh users: You are out of luck :(... The Omicron Project won't play on the Mac version of D2 due to lack of D2 Vertigo mission support.


If you hang at a place in Omicron, be sure to look on our Descent Network Level Guide pages, where we have some demos, which show you how to solve some of the tasks in Omicron (however these might also ruin some of the fun)...


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