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Descent 2 Win95 Version under Windows NT

Eric Millican gives some information how to successfully install and use the Windows95 version of Descent 2 under Windows NT:

  • Install Descent 2 and download the Windows 95 patch.
  • If you dual boot Win95 and NT, you can install the patch under Win95, and then copy the shortcuts on the start menu to NT's Start menu.
  • If you don't dual boot Win95, then extract all of the files to a temporary directory and execute __oooo__.exe. When it starts, change to your Descent II directory and leave the word "file" in the filename box (as if there were a file "c:\games\descent2\file"). After the patch is applied, rename "descentw.exe" to "Descent II Win95.exe". Then, manually add the game to your start menu.
  • Make sure you do NOT install DirectX on Windows NT. DirectX support is built in to the Kernel. DirectX 2.0 is with the original release of NT4 and DirectX 3.0 is with Service Pack 3. Keep in mind that NT4 will not usually run at 320x240. If you can't run D2 at 640x480, then it's not worth the effort.
  • But in 640x480 compared to D2/Win95 run in Win95 itself you will get a surprise: Windows NT is faster! Check it by typing FRAMETIME in the game (to display your frames per seconds). The reason for this is Win95's 16-bit-kernal (yes, Win95 has a 16-bit-kernal, even though it is named "32-bit-kernal") compared to Windows NT's real 32-bit kernal. If you want to know details, we have provided an article by Microsoft (!) itself here. The article is about the speed increase using GLQuake under Windows NT compared to Win95, but the same applies also to D2/Win95 version, so just replace the "GLQuake" with "D2/Win95" in your mind ;-)...
Descent 2 Win95 Patch
Article by Microsoft, why D2/Win95 runs faster under NT4 than under Win95
Newest Service Pack for Windows NT



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