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Level 1: TRAC Research Complex

Function: Robot coordination center and research lab
Infestation: Rapidly climbing

Get into the TRAC Research Complex and locate the appropriate access cards to find the Phobot behind this disaster. Destroy the robot and escape the Complex before total meltdown occurs.

The first area that Phobos has sabotaged is the TRAC Research Complex. TRAC, which is an acronym for Terrain Robot Analysis Corporation, tracks and coordinates the behavior of many of PTMC's mining robots. Phobos has taken over this station in hopes of being able to transmit his killer computer virus to other PTMC robots. Obviously, this would prove to be totally disasterous to the PTMC. Your mission is to destroy the TRAC Research Complex, and hence vaporizing the reprogrammed robots. To do so, locate the Blue, Yellow, and Red Access Cards and destroy the nefarious Phobot. Destroying it will enact the self-destruct sequence of the complex. Although we don't know for sure what the Phobot looks like, we have seen unusual activity in TRAC's head BlueX robot. Good luck, Vertigo 7.


pic01.jpg (8281 bytes) A look at your insertion point.
pic02.jpg (10204 bytes) One of the Complex's larger rooms.
pic03.jpg (8803 bytes) Tracks for robots to follow lead towards the storage area.
pic04.jpg (7127 bytes) This tunnel leads you to more deadly robots.
pic05.jpg (13480 bytes) En route to the hostages, imprisoned in a lower sub-basement.
pic06.jpg (8663 bytes) This is the possible room the BlueX is hiding in.


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