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Level 2: Altaridge Falls Mine

Function: Mineral extraction plant
Infestation: Moderate

Locate all three keys and destroy the Phobot within. Intelligence indicates the presence of a Thief Bot, as well as many more terrors. Secret teleporter believed to be hidden here, along with many hostages. Rescue them and vaporize Altaridge Falls.

Altaridge Falls was the site of a very lucrative mining venture. Now, due to Phobos' tinkering, it has become a mine gone awry. Water flows throughout the mine's aqueducts and shaftways. The mine also has many large rooms and small corners where robots can catch you off-guard. The robots now are utilizing more advanced weaponry, including Homing Missiles. The many humans overseeing operations here have either been killed or locked up in the mine's many prison cells. We've pinpointed two of the cells to be located near the "sludge" area, where much of the pollutants in the water are pumped to.

First and foremost, locate and rescue all of the hostages. Then, destroy the Altaridge Falls Mine by taking out the menacing Phobot lurking within.


pic01.jpg (8281 bytes) Energy Centers are few and far between.


pic02.jpg (10204 bytes) A large room lies just above this wall.
pic03.jpg (8803 bytes) Beware of the level 2 bio-hazard pollutants.
pic04.jpg (7127 bytes) This important camera shot captured the suspected Phobot on tape.


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