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Level 3: Magmarok Excavation

Function: Artifact research
Infestation: Dense and difficult

A Smelter is believed to be held responsible for the problems occurring at the Magmarok Excavation. Deactivate the Smelter.

Phobos knew that the deadliest of our mining robots would be those created for excavation. These robots were built for the sole purpose for tearing about rock. And, in his attack on Shiva Station, these robots would be most useful. You have to stop Phobos from creating any more of these robots and destroy the existing ones.

The layout of the Magmarok Excavation is no cakewalk. Two large, circular ramps encompass the heart of the level -- a long shaftway. Be prepared for quite a ride, as Magmarok is filled with curving corridors. And also watch for the Proximity Bomb-dropping Omega Droids. They are quite the nuisance.


pic01.jpg (8281 bytes) A look up at the Excavation's starting point.
pic02.jpg (10204 bytes) The Blue Key, off in the distance.
pic03.jpg (8803 bytes) Red hot lava boils below the grating.
pic04.jpg (7127 bytes) The Yellow Key, trapped in a lofty cage.
pic05.jpg (7127 bytes) A long passageway -- one of many.


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