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Level 4: Phobos Command Center

Function: Dr. Phobos' Laboratory
Infestation: Extreme

Infiltrate the inner sanctum by locating the Blue and Red keys. Once the sanctum has been penetrated, proceed to destroy Dr. Phobos. Maintain radio silence until cleared.

Doctor Phobos designed a hideout while he was preparing his attack on Shiva Station. Until recently, PTMC Intelligence had no idea about the location of the hideout. We know we promised that the Magmarok Excavation would be your last mine. And we apologize for the inconvenience. However, you must destroy Dr. Phobos. His Command Center temporarily became visible from unknown circumstances. However, we must pounce on this opportunity. Proceed to the Phobos Command Center and prepare for descent.


pic01.jpg (8281 bytes) This color-enhanced image was taken by a spy robot.
pic02.jpg (10204 bytes) The peak of a large, vertical ring.
pic03.jpg (8803 bytes) A curved passageway beyond the Blue Door.
pic04.jpg (7127 bytes) A walkway with a large concrete chamber through the grating.


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