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Secret Level 2: Gamma-1 Storage Depot

Function: PTMC Artifact Storage Facility
Infestation: High

Prevent Dr. Phobos from dispatching the robots from this location. Complete nuclear vaporization will be required to complete your task.

Post-Terran Mining Corporation often encounters unusual artifacts when constructing their mines. Many of these artifacts are stored at various storage centers across PTMC's mining network. This particular Storage Depot, Gamma-1, has come under attack by Dr. Phobos. Many heavily armed and skillful robots guard this station, perfect for Phobos' attack on Shiva Station. You must prevent him from dispatching these robots. Locate the fusion Reactor and detonate it to rid us of this threat.


pic01.jpg (8281 bytes) A bridge is suspended across a wide hallway.
pic02.jpg (10204 bytes) A hexagonal corridor leads you to more dangerous robots.
pic03.jpg (8803 bytes) A shot of one of the storage bays.
pic04.jpg (7127 bytes) Gamma-1 Storage Depot's fusion Reactor.


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