This is my new level :) enjoy it as much as I did making it, I think it is
a good one :P it has high fps all around and a good structure, what more
could you ask for?

thanx to all my friends..

Nirvana aka Anthony



almost ready to surface,
as all good things must end
I must leave this peacfulness..
for my entry into hate

not all as planned
my life has been cut short
I have been chosen as unwanted,
I unvoluntarilty volunteer -
for their mode of population control..

I thank those whose eyes cry for me,
in my short moment of pain and dismemberment
as I'm torn, ripped, and butchered.
I scream out at my murderers,
none of whom perform illegality or even care

Dead, I am thrown in the trash
this cant happen.. BUTCHERED

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