put them in the jars stomache will not turn
waste raw factory matter chewed instead of burned
this is rage

usable resources the trains will run on time
with coal of placenta food of the gods of the mind
this is rage

toothpick bones in the goo eggshell cranium blue
what you eat you were

there is no place for tears
after all that's been cheeres
what you eat you were

pain or no pain there is a face and name
what you eat you were

the imagery has been played with
non-points well-made
illustrating lack of purpose win by denying the game
it will take landing in back yards
and stomaches being cut open
and questionnaires filled out
at one's own dying moment

Cannibalized - Frank's Enemy

heh.. well.. this song actually had NOTHING to do with the level, but OH WELL!
if you don't like it, too bad :) hehe.. have fun with the level, and be sure
to do something else besides play descent (ya rite! like, what else is there?
heh :) dt bTw. This level DiD noT take anywhere beTween 28 hours and 53
minutes or 28 hours and 57 minutes that I am aware of..


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