Crack 2: The New ounce

Well, it seems I have "crack"ed out yet another level (pun definately
intended :P) It seems that my levels just keep coming and coming and
coming.. its almost like the energizer bunny is smokin' crack! heh.. well,
enough of this, its time to get goin on the third level.. this is part 2
(obviosly) of the crack series, probably one of the best yet (I am hoping :)
this set will be 4 levels, all levels released separately, and then
together as a set.. have fun..
oh yeah, if you wondered, I don't smoke crack, nor am I obsessed with it :)

oh yeah, better mention, this level is probably best for 2-4, but will suit
up to 8 for a full crack-attack!

Nirvana aka Anthony

check out the htm file or else I'm gonna send my thugs after you!


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