Crack 3: Paranoia

Origonally called Crack 3: Loaded & Smokin', a name I just threw
out there, this level was renamed Crack 3: Paranoia, and definately lives
up to its title.. it evokes the most interesting and skillful combat, stealth
and paranioa ever put into a level (pretty cool. huh? I came up with that
in like 2 minutes ;P).. you are trapped, in a world without light, either
you flare your way around, you get a headlight, or you sit in stealth waiting
for your next target.. only the best will survive in this stunning attempt at
a new level of play, not for the weak at heart... probably best for 2-4, this
level supports up to 8, be prepared to kill, or be paranoid and be killed..

Crack: A new level of excitement, brought to you by Nirvana..

Nirvana aka:
Anthony Galica

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