Crack: The Heartbeat of America
by: Nirvana


why crack you ask?? hmm.. cuz I smoke it!.. heh.. just kiddin.. well, the
reason for the name of this level is simple.. we have opium, hash bash,
burning indika/sativa, and probably alot more, I just thought I would use
the name before someone else did! :)
anywayz, have fun playing the level.. this one is more 3d, and would probably
be best for 2-4 players, although, I am sure an all out kill fest would also
be entertaining.. have a nice day..

Crack 2: The New ounce

Well, it seems I have "crack"ed out yet another level (pun definately
intended :P) It seems that my levels just keep coming and coming and
coming.. its almost like the energizer bunny is smokin' crack! heh.. well,
enough of this, its time to get goin on the third level.. this is part 2
(obviosly) of the crack series, probably one of the best yet (I am hoping :)
this set will be 4 levels, all levels released separately, and then
together as a set.. have fun..
oh yeah, if you wondered, I don't smoke crack, nor am I obsessed with it :)

oh yeah, better mention, this level is probably best for 2-4, but will suit
up to 8 for a full crack-attack!

Crack 3: Paranoia

Origonally called Crack 3: Loaded & Smokin', a name I just threw
out there, this level was renamed Crack 3: Paranoia, and definately lives
up to its title.. it evokes the most interesting and skillful combat, stealth
and paranioa ever put into a level (pretty cool. huh? I came up with that
in like 2 minutes ;P).. you are trapped, in a world without light, either
you flare your way around, you get a headlight, or you sit in stealth waiting
for your next target.. only the best will survive in this stunning attempt at
a new level of play, not for the weak at heart... probably best for 2-4, this
level supports up to 8, be prepared to kill, or be paranoid and be killed..

Crack: A new level of excitement, brought to you by Nirvana..

Crack 4: The Bust

This is the final level to the crack series, therefore known as the bust :)
no more crack for you.. anyway, there is a cool graphic in this level, and
the reactor shoots right out his nose!! :) (a bust.. hmmm.. :P
Anywayz, have fun with this one, it rocks, just like all my others :)
thanx to everyone I play with.. cya in the next episoDe..


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crack_dealers_(oops.._no_thanx_to_them_:) radiant target
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tank wildshot cannibals_(oops.._not_them_either..)
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parallax_software (volition/outrage)

no thanx to <lamer> +ChemicalDeath+ </lamer> who is lame and has no clue.
(p.s. yer not punk)

Nirvana aka Anthony


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