D2: Flag (Chaos Arena 1.1)

ARGH! the origonal was released without the flags, but with bases, this one
adds the flag support.. I encourage everyone to only use the first one
unless it is a flag game, just to keep the availability of the level up

This level has a huge open arena with a circlar base and some cool stuff :)
as my latest levels have dictated, there is no gauss, but there are 4 vulcan
cannons (gauss are CHEAP! :P) it does however have a mega missle.. the
omega is also not present due to the fact that on a 200+ with voodoo
it KILLS.. heh have a nice day.. well, sorta hehe

thanx to everyone who is cool


Nirvana aka Anthony
check our LAN group: http://www.descent2.com/sickone

what you embrace is what you become .

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