D2 Team Fortress

I thought I was making the first ever team fortress level for D2, but I
guess Spaz already beat me to it :) anyway, here is my attempt
its a small level. basically you have to set it up as a flag game, and
get the other teams flag and put it into your goal one time to win.
but its not that simple. you have to break the barrier to the flags
first which is located in the central area to each fort. once you have
the flag, the goal is located in front of the flag in your fort.
when you first come to life, you have to go out into the room of YOUR
color. if you accidentally go into the wrong room, you have to go into
the center red "warp" area which will take you to your area. You
cannot shoot anything until you are out of the doors. You are also not
allowed to shoot anyone still inside the doors on purpose. once out,
you are free to either guard your fort, or go to get the other forts
flag. this game would be great with 4 or more, but probably best with
6-8 (will work with 2 though ;)

have fun!!
Anthony aka nirvana

what you embrace is what you become .

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