Vertigo Cemetery (for Descent I + II)


Wyvern's Notes:

This is a 6 level set designed by NIRVANA & Wyvern. It's a set of 3d
3-5 player levels. When NIRVANA asked me to make set of levels with him
I agreed at once. We wanted to create a set of good 3d anarchy levels
and i think we pretty much succeeded. We built this set of 6 levels in
one week and now afterwards we think we kind of rushed it too much. We
are currently working on a new set, so watch out for some more NIRVANA
& Wyvern levels!

Level 1 - DEAD (Wyvern)
Level 4 - CORPSE (Wyvern)
Level 5 - DECAY (Wyvern)
Level 6 - ROT (NIRVANA)

I hope you guys enjoy playing this set of levels, we enjoyed making it!

My thanks goes out to:

Spaz for taking level building beyond the limits
of my expectation and imagination. Keep up the good work!

NIRVANA for making this set possible and giving me some time to enjoy
my beer while i worked on converting his levels to Descent 1. Keep up
the good work and let us enjoy making the next set as much as we did
this one

Everyone out there who helped NIRVANA and I test this set of levels, you know who you are! May descent be in thy heart forever!





NIRVANA's notes:

Well, I guess Wyvern took it upon himself to name all the levels :) They were named
in sequential order in what happens when someone goes to the cemetary :) The Vertigo
name came in place because the levels are 3d, unlike most of what you will find out
there. I was excited when Wyvern accepted my offer to build a set. At the time he
didn't know, but I enjoy the looks of his levels very much, his style is great, and
if you are a 3d fighter, they play great! (the very few 2d-ish levels he has are great
also!:) I think this set has brought some great talent, even if rushed, alot of great
things were done with this set. Some of Wyverns best lie in here, as do mine.

Basically, when the levels were complete, wyvern took over the d1 compilation/conversions
and anything else that had to do with the d1 version
I compiled the d2 version/added alot of the cool graphics, ect

Each d2 level has a namesign in it corresponding to the author...

Anyway, like Wyvern said, well have another set for you in the near future! :)

thanks to:

Spaz: you rule dude, keep up the good work, I want more manes/muses :P
Wyvern - for making half the set possible!! hehe :) oh yeah, thanks for doin the d1
conversions.. I am sure it was a real pain :)
Everyone who playtested: thanks for the input! It helps detect bugs/make things better :)

NIRVANA aka Anthony

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