Vertigo Dementia

An astounding 22 2-3 player level set brought to you by none other
than Wyvern and Nirvana with guests Prescience and RaVaGe.


1. Prelude to Dementia Nirvana
2. In Death's Embrace Wyvern
3. Death's Head Nirvana
4. Mourning Palace Wyvern
5. Shaft 133 Nirvana
6. Master of Disharmony Wyvern
7. Echoes of Burning Death Nirvana
8. Entrance Wyvern
9. Psycho Hunting Halls Nirvana
10. Tormentor Wyvern
11. Koronary Prescience
12. Dementophobia RaVaGe
13. Volcanic Nirvana
14. Prudence's Fall Wyvern
15. All Cannibal'ed Out Nirvana
16. SpellBound Wyvern
17. Red as Blood Nirvana
18. Relinquishment Wyvern
19. Pit of Doom Nirvana
20. Dimmu Borgir Wyvern
21. The Night Masquerade Wyvern
22. Revamped Nirvana



Wyvern's notes:

After doing 2 4-6 player sets together, Nirvana and I decided to put our effort in a set of
1 on 1 levels. At first we considered doing like 6 to 8 levels, but since we farted :) out almost
2 levels a day we decided to do a huge ass set of kick ass levels. Nirvana and I did 10 levels
each and we asked RaVaGe and Prescience to do one level each. I hope you guys like the set as
much as we liked building it!

Here's the list of levels I did, not in any logical order!

1) Relinquishment
2) Dimmu Borgir
3) Prudence's Fall
4) Master of Disharmony
5) The Night Masquerade
6) SpellBound
7) Entrance
8) Mourning Palace
9) In Death's Embrace
10) Tormentor

All the levels are named after Dimmu Borgir songs, since they were my main force of motivation
and inspiration (For those of you who want to know, yes they are a Norwegian Black Metal Band).
I changed one song title since I don't want to get sued for discrimination and anti religious

Thanks to Nirvana for getting away from that shit ass 2d shit, and yes damnit WYVED OUT was a
45 minutes lasting nightmare meant as a joke! :)

Thanks to everyone who helped testing this set and for their feedback, you know who you are!

Thanks to Spaz for all the tons of great anarchy levels out there!


Wyv(ern)ed Out!


wyverns info (I think he forgot it, if he "forgot", my apologies wyvern) :


Nirvana's Notes:

Well, this set was definately fun to make and DEFINATELY worth it.. one HUGE set full of rockin
levels, you are sure to enjoy.. Wyv and I had a great time makin them, as did RaVaGe and Prescience,
two people who made guest levels for the set.. This is our best effort yet, I hope you enjoy it

so I can be cool like wyvern, here are the levels in the order I made them :)

1) Psycho Hunting Halls
2) Volcanic
3) Red as blood
4) All Cannibal'ed Out
5) Prelude to Dementia
6) Shaft 133
7) Echos of Burning Death
8) Death's Head
9) Pit of Doom
10) Revamped

All these levels were named for cool things. Period. and you will like it.

Thanks to wyvern for the great set(s), and for the rad 2d level :P (check it out minerva lovers)

thanks to RaVaGe and Prescience for stooping down to our level :P

thanks to Spaz for all the awesome levels

thanks to Sick_one and the Asylum lan "crew" (widowmkr, radiant, mayhem, vander, me :) for

thanks to everyone who makes levels, your great (well, most of ya :)

thanks to my computer for being there.





Prescience's Notes:

Title: Koronary
Author: Prescience

Description: Medium sized level, not too tight, not too wide. the fuel centers
are in the big rooms so the action should be interesting

Level Info

Single Player: nah...
Coop: nope
Anarchy: yup
Team Anarchy: yep
Flag: yip
Hoard : yep
Team Hoard : yup
Bugs: ahh yes, you can see throgh some of the walls/kolumns. ghosts can be annoying.
one lighting bug as well.

Editor(s): Descent Mission Builder II (v2.6)
Time: a week. Used DMBII's point sourcing extensively for lighting.

Greetz -:-

KrueL - My favorite level designer and friend.
Nirvana and Wyvern - the two most productive level builders I've ever met.
(and their stuff isn't total crap either!)
Spaz, Ebola, Nihilist - being pals and always being kewl...
My other friends on Kali...

More Comments -:-

I had two central ideas for this level and everything really was built around them.
Basically the two big rooms were the main focus and the surrounding halls are built to
connect them... the lava sorta flows away from the rooms but I think it adds some nice
organic feeling to the level.

Inspirations for this level:

My dreams...

NOTE: This level may NOT be used as a base for other levels unless
permission is obtained from the author. Analyze and Distribute freely...
Have Fun.



RaVaGe's Notes:

Dementophobia - level 12 by RaVaGe

-This level supports 8 players but was designed for a max of 1 to 3
-In case your wondering, the name Dementophobia is the Fear of Insanity
-(It was named after the set which contains it, Vertigo Dementia)
-It was my first attempt at a "3D" level so be kind and have fun with it
-And thanks to Nirvana and Wyvern for letting me "guest level" in their set
-Also thanks to Sick_one and the Asylum lan "crew (see above)", good
friends and all around good people..."Who wants to go off to college and
get and education anyways? I don't, I'll miss Thursday night lan fests
each week at the Asylum" -me

RaVaGe aka Ben

"Take a look to the sky just before you die!
It's the last time you will!"


EOF homie G

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