Vertigo Massacre

This is the second level set by Wyvern and I, and I must say, it has
turned out fantastic! Great 3d action, and great levels just like last
time. The level theme is a riot/massacre this time, and the levels
are as follows:

# Name Author
1: Riot Wyvern
2: Fight Nirvana
3: Butcher Wyvern
4: Loot Nirvana
5: Burn Wyvern and Nirvana

This set should be great for almost any amount of players, with the
exception that a few of the levels may be too big for 1 on 1 play.

Thanks to wyv for another great set, spaz for all the awesome levels,
and everyone else that makes great levels, and especially to the
Asylum LAN group.

Look for our new 2-3 player 3d set "Vertigo Dementia" coming your way soon.

Nirv out.


I have to agree with Nirvana here, this set is even more 3d than
VERTIGO CEMETERY. It has some of the best levels we've ever done.
Building the last level together was pretty cool, but it took some
effort! At the moment we're working on a 1on1 set, you'd better NOT
miss it!!!

Thanks to nirvana for inspiring me and spaz for building THE ultimate
anarchy levels!
Thanks to everyone who supports us and offers our levels, even though
we don't know who you are, we appreciate your support!


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