Glenbow's Honor

Glen Sinclair or Glenbow as he is known online, is a flight engineer posted to 413 Transport and Rescue
Sqn located in Greenwood Nova Scotia. In his last 8 years as a flight engineer he has worked only with
SAR or Search and Rescue Sqns. To say that he felt strongly about the role that Canada’s military played in
Search and Rescue would be an understatement.

I could go on at length about who he was and what it was like for me to know him as I did, but that would
be a very long ordeal. Needless to say, Glen was a selfless person. He believed in the SAR motto “That
Others May Live” and on many occasions he put his own life in jeopardy to save the lives of others. This
type of commitment is very common amongst the Search and Rescue community where Glen as well as I
work. In a small way we, his friends (in real life as well as online) wanted to pay our deepest respects to a
man who was dealt a hand he couldn’t play out. This level is a beautiful tribute to him. As you fly about
take the time to look at the mottoes and signs on the walls. All of these in one form or another are tributes
to Glen.

On the afternoon of October 2 1998, Glen was part of a 6 man crew that flew from Greenwood Nova Scotia
to Sept Isle’s Quebec. They went there to retrieve a chopper, which had just completed a long arduous
rescue that was launched the previous night. The rescue took over 18 hours to accomplish with over 10.4
hours of that time spent airborne, battling fatigue and weather. As a result the crew of Labrador 305 was to
tired to carry on with the return flight to Greenwood and needed to be replaced by a fresh SAR crew. After
the crew changeover was accomplished “Tusker 305” (this was the call sign of the helicopter) took off and
flew south, across the entrance St Lawrence seaway. After 40 to 45 mins of flight, having just crossed back
over land, eye witnesses report seeing smoke billow from the back of the helicopter. At this point “Tusker
305” initiated a right hand turn and began to lose altitude rapidly, at approximately 150 to 200 ft above
ground level the helicopter exploded and broke up in mid air. The cause of this accident remains unknown
as of this writing.

Glen was survived by his wife and 3 young girls. The Sinclair Children’s Education Fund has been
established to assist these children later in life. Donations can be accepted at any branch of the Canadian
Imperial Bank of Commerce. Just inform them that the Greenwood Nova Scotia branch is handling the

I invite you to play this level often, and while playing it remember the ideals and life of the man who
inspired it. A tribute page has been established at the Descent Rangers website, if you have the time you
can find out more about this man there.

“That Others may Live”

Joe Kristiansen
aka Nanook
Gold Squad
Descent Rangers

Glenbow's Honor

This level was made in honor of Glen "Glenbow" Sinclair.

My condolances go out to all of Glen's friends and family as
do the entire Rangers roster. God bless, you will be in my prayers.

Special thanks to Radman! for the Backview Glenbow Pyro artwork.
Special thanks to VERRAN for the sideview Glenbow Pyro artwork.
Thanks to the Descent Rangers.
Thanks to Sick_one, Radman!, Glock-17, VERRAN, Killet, and Medfly for playtesting.

"that others may live"


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