Nirvana and Kruel kollaborate to bring you 5 levels of the
utmost quality. 2 levels are made by Nirvana, 2 made by
Kruel, and 1 made by their collaborative efforts.

These levels are made for 2 to 4 player games and focus on
all playing styles excluding earthshakers. :P There isn't
anything custom except for a few textures and signs. We
wanted to keep it "pure".


Level 1 - Kilithium

This level is big on tactical stuff. Those who
know the layout will usually do better. For those
who don't know it, it shouldn't take too long to
learn since the level is small. Fast play and
intense games are what this level is about...
that and Omega cannons. >=]


Level 2 - Korpse

Here is a really good stalking level. The rooms are
filled with columns and obstacles, so dogfights are
quite interesting. A light secondary weapon load
puts more of a focus on primaries.


Level 3 - Kollaboration

This level not only has complex architecture, but a
complex layout as well. It is also very vertical.
There are big rooms, small rooms, tunnels...
everything. All styles will have some playing time
in here.


Level 4 - Kannibals

This level focusses more on dogfighting than the
other levels. The rooms in here are bigger and more
open. Some parts of the level are very vertical, so
3D manuvering skill is a requirment... Unless your
content as a target drone. :P


Level 5 - Phoenicia

This level was made especially for the Phoenix cannon.
It is the only level in the set that has the Phoenix.
You can tell the level was made for the Phoenix cannon
when you look at how the walls, and some ceilings are
shaped to bank off the shots in certain directions.


Mucho thanx to Nirvana for so readilly accepting my request of
collaborating on this level set with me. He did a great job his
half of the set.


This set was a blast to make, I think Kruel and I both agree.
I hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

Thanks to Kruel for doin the level set - his levels rock ;)
Thanks to Dents for some of the rad textures.
Also, thanx Gwar, beezer, and eL_CeNtRo for testing
it with us in Kali.




Btw, you gotta guess who made which levels... we ain't giving it away. =]

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