MINIRVANA by Anthony Galica

Hi, welcome to Minirvana... the ultimate anarchy arena ;)
This level was a level that I just felt like doing. I wanted to make
another level similar to minerva, yet different with the same
smallness for good fights. I used some of the ideas presented in Minerva,
but the level is entirely different. It is called Minirvana due to the
likeness in type and playability to Minerva.

Many thanx to Spaz for his awesome level Minerva with which I based a
few aesthetic ideas from. -hey, I even half-way named the level after his
level ;)

thanx also to Sick_One, Widowmkr, Radiant, Target, Fryin', Badmike, Badkarma, Xciter,
Scratchy, Ermine, Xciter, Watsup and anyone else I may have forgotten :) if you are into doom, check out my TC page at

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