The _9th_ level created for my tribute set, this one named after
all the people without a tribute. I was bored one day and just
decided to stop copy this stupid text file almost word for word yet again, but then
decided against it since it was already done...
(yes, I agree, this IS getting lame, but face it, I am unorigonal! and also
obviously have ALOT of time on my hands seeing as this is my 9th level
in like 3 weeks :p in any case, the level is 4d and good...
I know you want it, but I just didn't make a shaker version yet..
erm.. this level would be good for it also! :)

ThanX to Widowmkr, Sick_One, Radiant, Badmike, Target, Mojoman,
Fryin', Badkarma, Vander, Kamikazi, Dogboy, Superflea (run forrest, RUN! :),
Tank, Sniper-X, Wildwing, Surgeon, Vejita, Xciter, Scratchy (mail me! I
haven't seen you for days) and Watsup (you also, see previous message!),
oh yeah, and Grmreapr who just mailed me (a longer while ago:).

Special thanX to Parallax software for the great game, and Bryan
Aamot for DMB2.

Also, check out Sick_one's page to check out our LAN group and some
technical info about joysticks and macroboxes that might help at

Anthony Galica a.k.a. Nirvana (or NIRVANA on Kali) --please send all comments and criticisms NOW!...

Do you suffer from thinking this text file is similar to the one in Sickened
to Death, The Widowmaker, Radiate, Vandalize, Fried Carcasses, _AA NN DD_
Nirvana and Bent and Pain Incarnate????????????????????????????????????????
Well, good for you because you have seen my Sickened to Death and/or my
The Widowmaker and/or my Radiate and/or my Vandalize levels and/or my
Fried Carcasses and/or my Nirvana and/or my Bent and/or my
Pain Incarnate levels!
(umm.. that will have to do, <lame statement about complex and/or statements
deleted>) This text file is 99.3% recycled from Pain Incarnate :p~ (.7% lost in
file transfer)

*** this really is getting lame! ***

umm ok.. talk to ya later.. heh

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