The 8th level created for my tribute set, this one named after
BigOuch, the new guy :). I was bored one day and just
decided to copy this stupid text file almost word for word yet again ;)
(yes, I agree, this IS getting lame, but face it, I am unorigonal! and also
obviously have ALOT of time on my hands seeing as this is my 8th level
in like 3 weeks :p in any case, the level is not staduim like but more of a
level without a cool tunnel room and I did not show off some of the cooler things
I can do, it is however mot really more in the style of the old skool levels
either.. it is a cool level, just trust me :) actually, one of my better ones
I know you want it, but I just didn't make a shaker version yet..
erm.. this level would be good for it also! :)

ThanX to Widowmkr, Sick_One, Radiant, Badmike, Target, Mojoman,
Fryin', Badkarma, Vander, Kamikazi, Dogboy, Superflea (run forrest, RUN! :),
Tank, Sniper-X, Wildwing, Surgeon, Vejita, Xciter, Scratchy (mail me! I
haven't seen you for days) and Watsup (you also, see previous message!),
oh yeah, and Grmreapr who just mailed me (a longer while ago:).

Special thanX to Parallax software for the great game, and Bryan
Aamot for DMB2.

Also, check out Sick_one's page to check out our LAN group and some
technical info about joysticks and macroboxes that might help at

Anthony Galica a.k.a. Nirvana (or NIRVANA on Kali) --please send all comments and criticisms NOW!...

Do you suffer from thinking this text file is similar to the one in Sickened
to Death, The Widowmaker, Radiate, Vandalize, Fried Carcasses, _AA NN DD_
Nirvana and Bent??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Well, good for you because you have seen my Sickened to Death and/or my
The Widowmaker and/or my Radiate and/or my Vandalize levels and/or my
Fried Carcasses and/or my Nirvana and/or my Bent levels!
(umm.. that will have to do, <lame statement about complex and/or statements
deleted>) This text file is 99.3% recycled from Nirvana :p~ (.7% lost in
file transfer)

*** this really is getting lame! ***

oh yeah, this text file reproduction is starting to get REALLY old.. hehe

Oh yeah, have to mention one more thing: erm.. no I don't.. heh
wait, I guess a good reminder could be of value... or not.. well, let me ask
you people.. which ratio is better??? ahh.. forget it, I am grinding it into
dust.. heh

(you asked for it ;) who asked for what?? I am losin it

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