Reality 3D Pro

hmm.. well, I am becoming more and more fond of levels that are very 3d,
such as the old skool, and I also enjoy making levels with high detail
factors.. well, I took the last hour to make a better version of Reality 3D,
so here you have it: Reality 3D Pro.. it's an awesome level for
awesome fun, but may be a little slow on some machines.
otherwise, the level is great :), have fun with this one :)

changes from origonal version:
a few texture errors fixed (real reason for the pro version, but don't tell :)
homing missles replaced with ammo boxes
4 guass cannons added
one mega and smart mines removed
a duplicate entry of the level removed, it crept in there by accident in the
origonal, and I believe it to be a unfinnished version

this will definately make the level more Guassy, but oh well :)

Thanx to all the lannies, and people I play with..
no thanx to all the posers.. <+C-D-+>

Nirvana aka Anthony

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