This level was designed for quick play with alot of guass death
matches. It was named after a friend of mine who just loves the guass
cannon. This level and a few others that will be in the works will be
released separately and when all complete, together as a set. Please
enjoy the level, and don't get too addicted!!!

The level Shaken to Death is also included in this zip file which
is the shaker version of the level. If you don't like shakers, delete it!
A HTML file is included as well. This provides links to my levels, my
page, Sick_ones page (see below), and an instant mail to me :).

ThanX to Sick_one, Widowmkr, Radiant, Badmike, Target, Mojoman,
Fryin', Badkarma, Vander, Kamikazi, Dogboy, Superflea, Tank, Sniper-X,
Wildshot, Surgeon, Vejita, Scratchy, Xciter, Watsup, and also Joftinac
and Cosmos for the quick beta :).

Special thanX to Parallax software for the great game, and Bryan
Aamot for DMB2.

Also, check out Sick_one's page to check out our LAN group and some
technical info about joysticks and macroboxes that might help at

Anthony Galica a.k.a. Nirvana (or NIRVANA on Kali) --please send all comments and criticisms...

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