TFU2: The Falling Cycle

part2 to Training for Utopia and another awesome level by none other than me!!
supports flag, hoard, anarchy, single play (with no bots) but not co-op.. have fun
I made another new sign saying: "danger! nationwide radiation", and there are a few
others in there that I have been using in my recent levels..



the falling cycle

remove. release. it's
all the same. another
beating, the failure
compile, a burning
desire to break free.
kept inside.
distraught. lash out
against only to
stumble over foot. the
frustration of
the falling cycle.
face the fears. the
end is near. what is
left, time to die. all
left behind. it will
burn. it's too late.
it will burn.


-training for utopia

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