Training for Utopia

another awesome level by none other than me!! supports flag, hoard, anarchy, single play
(with no bots) but not co-op.. have fun with this one, its the first one in a long time
that I have added gauss.. and its just in time for CHRISTmas! :) Zappafan asked me if I
could add his logo or something in a level, and as it turned out, there is one :) 2 in
fact, look for it.. I also made another cool sign, and there are a few others in there
that I have been using in my recent levels..



if i hated you for all the wrong reasons, would you hate me for it, and show me the right
way? too much time. so many simple escapes. and what if the strain drew tears, or blood?
would you suspend yourself above it all? or could you fly? just breifly enough to collect
your last thoughts. yes. but don't. not just yet. there's so much behind the stained glass
that you can't see and haven't learned. haven't learned at all. bleeding. begging to know.

-training for utopia

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