Vamped Observatory/ 1.1


This is a new observatory version to the level vamped, similar to
Kruel's "Observatory" which was brought to birth by the DBB and a post
by Zappafan.

Version 1.1 is also enclosed. The only differences is that 1.1 has ALOT
more cubes for ease of the observer to get around (thanks to ender :)
If you want to use observer mode and are on a slow computer, it would
be recommended that you do not use 1.1

The Rules:

When everyone is in, the players must stay in place. All observers then
proceed to the hole that connects the observer area and playing area
(located in the small hallway that connects the rear hall with the
small room). If an observer picks up an afterburner or any form of
laser upgrade, they MUST kill themselves on the spot, or the game
must be restarted. Any other weapons MUST be dropped in the same
approximate location they were picked up. If an observer starts in the
tight room located in next to the dogfight room, he must travel and pick
up the mercs, then turn around and drop them all where he got them.
He must then proceed to the hole. All other observers must follow
a path that has been made to the whole. Powerups have been moved
over so they cannot be picked up if you are careful. The path looks
like this:

| || <-- the hole
^ |-----------
| | |-----| |
|||||||||||| <-- dogfight room
^ ||||||||||||
| | | | | |
|----------| |
<- | |
| <- |
| <- reactor

Simply follow the arrows from where you start out (the start across the
dogfight room simply flys across the dogfight room first, or else goes
through the door).

if an observer dies from hitting walls, ect, they MUST STAY DEAD, this
is because once all observers are in the observer hole, there is a switch
on one of the far walls that must be hit. This will shut off the
observers from the players.

Observers are also expected to remain as quiet as possible.

The final rule is the weapons drop area. If the players do not want
this activated, do not use it. Otherwise, since in standard vamped
most of the missles will appear in the long tunnel, a weapon drop
area is there for observers to drop any missles that appear. Observers
do not HAVE to do this, but they cannot favor players either and drop
for people, etc. drops must be made when the tunnel is empty.
The observer MUST make sure to NEVER cross the red markings on the walls
because they will travel into the playing space. This is the only link
"between the worlds", and it only goes one way. An observer who does this
MUST kill themselves immediately and remain dead. Also, observers
may not pass the "weapon drop only" sign unless they are going to
drop weapons.


Notes from the origonal Vamped:

this is a 1 on 1 level designed in honor of Vlider :)
he kept asking for a level, so finally I gave in :) hehe
its a very good level, and some things were commented on and
changed because of vlider and the fact that it was "his" level
hope you enjoy, its kind of a cross between dementia 1,
athena, and repressed 2.

Nirvana aka Anthony

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