The 'MacroBox'

The information and design here may be used and distributed
freely as long as no profit is gained ! Thank You.


This is a basic setup to add 8 switches to your pro throttle once you have
built the 'Y" cable. You can also build circuitry to connect pedals via this

interface. That is a bit more work, if you have any questions let me know.


S1 - S4 , These are 4 momentary pushbutton switches.
Each one can then be programed like any other button on the Pro throttle.

S5 - S8 , These are 4 momentary pushbutton switches, and five resisters to emulate
the hatstick. Each allows a programed macro function.

All other pins are unused (3,5,6,8,9,11,12,15).

R1 & R3 = 80 K ohms
R2 = 240 K ohms
R4 = 26.6 K ohms

S1 - S4 are the re-programable "joystick" buttons in the Prothrottle setup

s1 = button1
s2 = button2
s3 = button3
s4 = button4

S5 - S8 are the re-programmable hatstick functions

s5 = Hat left(west)
s6 = Hat Down(south)
s7 = Hat Right(east)
s8 = Hat Up(north)

When you re-program the 'hat;' funtions you must also enter a center postion macro,
use a key that is not used in descent. A dead key .......


For futher info or help email me at

Good Luck, and I'll see you in the mines........... Kevin Murphy aka 'Sick_one'

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