Last Updated: 03/31/99 

Descent 2: Destination Quartzon


What is Destination Quartzon?

Destination Quartzon is the OEM version of Descent 2. It was named after the name of the last world of the packaged levels: Quartzon has the first 8 levels incl. the 2 secret levels of Descent 2 world, hence it features the worlds Zeta Aquilae and Quartzon.

Destination Quartzon 3D is the version bundled with 3D accelerator cards like Verite and Voodoo. It can only be played on that chipset, since no software renderer is included in that version. The quality in the 3Dfx Voodoo version however is worse than Parallax' D2Voodoo Rel.2 version for the full version, especially when you look at 2D objects (like hostages, powerups, animations), since they are not filtered.


Where can I get it?

Some hardware products like the Wingman Extreme Joystick or the Voodoo 3D card deliver it.


What are the differences to the full version?

There are some differences to the full version:


Are there any patches?

Nope. Interplay never released a patch for any of the Quartzon versions.


Is it compatible to the full version in multiplayer etc.?