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April 1998

Freespace demo released! Thu, 30 Apr 1998 - 8:13am.

The Freespace playable demo has been released!  Download it from any of the mirrors listed below, it's 26.8MB.  Volition have a detailed page up that gives all sorts of info about the demo, so make sure you check it out too.

Download from Parallax Software (Michigan, USA)
Download from (California, USA)
Download from (Wisconsin, USA)
Download from Wildcards Fleet Commanders (Indiana, USA)
Download from Adrenaline Vault (California, USA)
Download from Gamers Zone (California, USA)
Download from NetNevada (Nevada, USA)
Download from PC Fan (California, USA)
Download from Pyro Pilot's Guild (Kansas, USA)

Please be patient as many of these mirrors are very busy at the moment (including the one, which is why this site is so slooooow to load :)).


Next Freespace IRC chat Thu, 30 Apr 1998 - 1:21am.

The time and date of the next IRC chat for Freespace has been set, details are below.  This chat, unlike the previous two, is an official one organised by Interplay and Volition themselves, and not the chaps over at Freespace Command.  Like the last two, you will be able to ask the development team questions, and it should be interesting as the demo will be well and truly out by then.  Here's the details:

Time:        Thursday, May 14 at 6pm PST (that's 12pm Friday 15th AEST).
Channel:    #interplay

I'll see you all there!


Freespace distribution Wed, 29 Apr 1998 - 12:56pm.

Negotiations between Apogee, Interplay and Volition have reached a conclusion in regards to distribution rights of Descent: Freespace, it seems now that Interplay will market the game from Day 1.  Before, it looked like Apogee would have exclusive distribution rights for the first three months, probably meaning that game would have only been available through mail-order.  Now gamers don't have to worry, it will be on retail store shelves from the end of May. :)


Descent -> Forsaken levels? Wed, 29 Apr 1998 - 12:45pm.

I just saw over on Forsakened word that the forthcoming Forsaken level editor may include a wizard to port existing Descent levels into Forsaken!  Great news indeed if it works out!  No news as to when exactly the editor will be released, but stay tuned.


Freespace system reqs Tue, 28 Apr 1998 - 11:28am.

Volition have released the system requirements that you will need to meet to play Descent: Freespace:


These are the requirements for the full version, due out in late May.  The demo's requirements are the same, except that it only needs ~45MB of space, and doesn't need a CD-ROM.

Also, you can expect the playable demo to be released sometime in the next two days.  Stay tuned!


Updated Forsaken readme Tue, 28 Apr 1998 - 1:21am.

Acclaim have released an updated Readme file for Forsaken - this replaces the one that shipped with the game.


D3 tech background info Mon, 27 Apr 1998 - 11:05pm.

Jason Leighton, a programmer at Outrage Entertainment, has put up a developer diary page of his experiences with D3's development.  If you want some technical background info on D3, this will be a must-bookmark.  Thanks HH of the Descent Network


Gradius 3D released Mon, 27 Apr 1998 - 10:56pm.

Gradius 3D - Defiance, a six-level single-player campaign for D2, has been released.  It features over 50 custom 'bots, six completely new 'bots, it's own soundtrack, and more.  In the author's own words: "The mission is somewhat different, the gameplay has been made like a classic arcade shooter, everywhere you go there is something to blow up!"  Note that, like Entropy 2, D2 Vertigo enhanced is REQUIRED to play this mission.  Download Gradius 3D - Defiance from our Single-player levels page.  Also check out the Gradius 3D home page for more info.


Forsaken patch available Sun, 26 Apr 1998 - 3:50pm.

Acclaim don't muck around, already they have released a mini-patch to fix a problem with the sound in the military level of Forsaken. :)  It's 930kB, and available here.


Kali95 1.44 DLL Revision Sun, 26 Apr 1998 - 7:13am.

Kali95 1.44 DLL Revision C has been released.  This update adds game support for Starcraft 1.01, Burnout, Outwars, and Armor Command, and fixes the problem of chat opening during a Forsaken game.  Download it from our Kali page.


IDLC deadline extended Sat, 25 Apr 1998 - 11:38pm.

Due to server troubles at, the deadline for submitting levels to the Internet Descent Level Contest has been extended to midnight CST on May 11th.   People wishing to submit levels should use this page until gets back on it's feet (expected around May 4th).


Jay Cotton interview Sat, 25 Apr 1998 - 11:03pm.

The Online Games Network have conducted an interview with the creator of Kali, Jay Cotton.  Short, but sweet. :)


Forsaken FAQ Sat, 25 Apr 1998 - 5:21pm.

If you have purchased the full version of Forsaken and are having problems, check out the all new Forsaken troubleshooting FAQ - available now in MS Word format.


New DNet site opens Sat, 25 Apr 1998 - 4:06pm.

The Descent Network, among other things owners of the domain, have recently opened their newest site -!   If is anything to go by, the new site will be *the* definitive place for Freespace stuff.  Check it out!


D3 sneak peek Sat, 25 Apr 1998 - 3:40pm.

Gamecenter have put up an awesome sneak peek of Descent 3, which gives us plenty of new facts about the game.  Some quotes of note:

  • ...You'll be flying through a valley and you'll see a building at the base of a cliff.  You can fly into the building and discover a huge room carved into the mountain and miles of tunnels swarming with robots.  And the mines have windows looking out onto the surface...
  • Multiple ships:  As you progress through Descent III, you'll acquire two new ships, letting you pick the best ship for each mission.
  • Environmental effects:  We've got rain, steam, fire, smoke, fog, and wind.
  • We're supporting all the games we had in Descent II (Anarchy, Capture the Flag, and Hoard), and several new ones.  One really cool feature of Descent III is that the logic for these games is coded using our scripting language, which means that users can create their own multiplayer games.
  • Whether we'll ship an editor with the game is still to be announced, but I'm sure we'll release the level specs, so people can create their own editors.

Check out the full article here, it is *highly* recommended reading.  Many new screenshots were also released with the article - a few of which reveal yet another new weapon, the "Raygun".  Also check out CNet radio's Realaudio interview with Matt Toschlog of Outrage.


Forsaken released! Sat, 25 Apr 1998 - 2:13am.

Forsaken is now confirmed available for purchase in the US from most Electronic Boutique stores for US$44.95!  I can also confirm that the full install of the game will take 163MB of HDD space.  The controls are slightly different from the demo, but the controller setup has improved a lot I'm told.  As I type this the first Official Forsaken Ladder match with the full version is taking place. :)  Forsaken should be available in Australia and other countries from next week.


Forsaken newsletter Fri, 24 Apr 1998 - 3:06pm.

Acclaim have released the first in what appears to be a series of newsletters to do with Forsaken.   Click here to view it from our Article Database, or download it in Word DOC format.   Thanks to Strobe and Descentile.


3D game delays Thu, 23 Apr 1998 - 2:01pm.

Adrenaline Vault have put up an excellent article on how 3D games seem to be the most delayed of all - it's called Dimensions - the Waiting Game.   Perhaps this will give you something to do until D3 comes out. :)


Forsaken release date - update Thu, 23 Apr 1998 - 1:34pm.

Acclaim have moved up Forsaken's release date - it's now April 24!  So you can look for Forsaken in your local software shop from tomorrow.


Stuff pt 2 Thu, 23 Apr 1998 - 1:42am.

Again, unfortunately, no news to report the last few days.  Forsaken went gold (ie the master CD has been sent off to be duplicated) a few days ago, so everything is on schedule there for an April 30 release.  Also, Interplay have announced their motion picture division (is it just me or did they announce the same thing a few years back??), and rumour has it that a Descent movie could be made.  Anyway, I'm not dead (unlike some other Descent news site admins :)), there just isn't much to report.


Forsaken release date Sat, 18 Apr 1998 - 4:18pm.

Acclaim have announced a firm release date for Forsaken - April 30.  On their website they have a countdown timer and are promising a look into a new level each day until release.   Check it out here.


Robot Depository up Sat, 18 Apr 1998 - 4:00pm.

Ahayweh Gate, a sister site, has put up a Robot Depository which you may submit your custom 'bots for review and archiving, and retrieve others for use in your levels.  If you design 'bots, check it out! 


Two weeks left in IDLC Fri, 17 Apr 1998 - 10:10pm.

There's just under two weeks remaining in the Internet Descent Level Contest.  If you are a level designer and haven't submitted anything, get cracking!  You could win a Voodoo 2 card or one of the other fabulous prizes.  For more info, visit the IDLC Home Page.


Stuff Thu, 16 Apr 1998 - 1:47pm.

Well, it's certainly been a slow week for news!  I hope everyone had a great Easter long weekend.  The full version of Forsaken and the Freespace playable demo are both roughly two weeks away, so although things are pretty dull now they will get a lot more exciting in the next couple of weeks. :)


New D3 pics! Fri, 10 Apr 1998 - 1:16pm. have released four new screenshots of Descent 3, and guess what, they are all outdoors!   Click below to view the screenshots:

Shot 1        Shot 2         Shot 3         Shot 4


Kali95 1.44 released Fri, 10 Apr 1998 - 1:02pm.

The new versions of Kali95 just keep coming!  Version 1.44 includes new support for Starcraft, Jane's F15, SODA Off Road Racing, Quest for Glory 5 Demo, Shanghai: Dynasty, Dominion, and Virtual Pool 2; added special NAT processing; fixed profanity filter; and the added option of blocking /away messages in chat.  Also, you can now use TCP in the Game Launcher, so if your game runs better on TCP than IPX, you can switch over!   Download Kali95 1.44 from our Kali page.


FS 2nd chat transcript up Wed, 8 Apr 1998 - 9:48am.

We finally have a copy of the transcript of the second Freespace IRC chat with Volition that took place last Friday (thanks to Alan Fork from Wildcards and Freespace Command).  Check it out here.


PTMC Park 2 released Wed, 8 Apr 1998 - 9:21am.

PTMC Park 2 is another anarchy level by the master level designer Luke Schneider, who brought you Entropy 1 and 2, Crazy X, Havoc X, and much more (and is now employed by Outrage designing levels for Descent 3).  From the level's readme:

After nearly three years of constructing segment-based levels, this level marks the end of an era.  Now that I'm working on D3, even levels such as this seem overly simplistic, but it is the simplicity of cubes being deformed into shapes where battles rage relentlessly that is so appealing.

I'll miss designing Descent II levels, but in the same way I miss writing FM music.  After getting a Roland, how could you possibly go back?

Download PTMC Park from our Multiplayer Levels page.


Freespace demo news Mon, 6 Apr 1998 - 11:40am.

Here's Volition's official statement regarding a playable demo for Descent: Freespace:

Development of the playable demo version started several weeks ago.  It entered QA on April 3.  If all goes well, it should be available for download in late April.  Features of the upcoming demo include:

  • 3 missions in a mini-campaign with branching
  • 4 Terran ship classes, including:
    • GTF Apollo Fighter
    • GTC Fenris Cruiser
    • GTT Elysium Transport
    • GTS Centaur support craft
  • 3 enemy fighter classes
  • 3 weapons, including heat- and aspect-seeking missiles
  • Glide and software-based renderers
  • Action-driven digital music
  • Full briefings and debriefings with voice
  • In-game voice messages
  • Full keyboard and joystick configurability
  • Squadmate orders & messaging

The demo will not include multiplayer support.  We estimate the download will be approximately 20 MB.


DETLEF32 bugfix release Sun, 5 Apr 1998 - 11:28am.

Users who have experienced "Invalid Information file" errors with the original beta 1 of DETLEF32 should download the latest release, beta 1c.  Available now on our Developer Toolkit.


DETLEF32 beta 1 released! Fri, 3 Apr 1998 - 1:15pm.

It's finally here!  DETLEF32 is a revolutionary new way to download Descent 1 and 2 levels from the Internet without using your browser or FTP program!  The program connects to the DETLEF level site of your choice, and downloads a list of levels.  Here you can filter the list by making queries.  Finally, after deciding which levels you want, DETLEF will download all of them and automatically extract them to your D1/D2 directories!  DETLEF is an invaluable tool for all Descent players.   Download it from our Developer Toolkit.


Kali95 1.43 released Thu, 2 Apr 1998 - 8:39pm.

Kali95 version 1.43 has been released.  New features include support for JK's expansion pack Mysteries of the Sith and Hexenworld, and various other important bugfixes.  Download it from our Kali page.


Next Freespace IRC chat Wed, 1 Apr 1998 - 8:04pm.

The next IRC chat with the developers of Freespace is scheduled for 8pm this Friday night EST (that's 11am Saturday AEST).  It will be held on the DALNet channel #freespace-chat (just like before).  This time there will be a discussion period and a questions period.   I'll see you all there!


Freespace playable demo Wed, 1 Apr 1998 - 7:20pm.

Volition have finally announced a playable demo of Descent: Freespace is in the works:

Hmm, at long last we're working on the demo version.  Since we got into it so late, it will mostly be a matter of omitting features.  If all goes well, it will be ready for QA within a week, will go through there pretty quickly and be out sometime in April.

This was taken from Volition's Bugfix of the Day page, which anyone who is looking forward to D:FS should be visiting often. :)