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August 1998

D1_3Dfx beta 01 released! Sun, 30 Aug 1998 - 11:38pm.

D1_3Dfx!The long-awaited 3Dfx patch for Descent 1 has been released!  Beta 01 of D1_3Dfx is available now on our Demos and Patches page.  System requirements are the following:

Please make sure you read the FAQ and Known Bugs files first, as this is a beta and there *will* be bugs.  Visit the official D1_3Dfx site for more info.   Bug reports can be sent to Heiko Herrmann of the Descent Network.


D1X 1.10a released Sun, 30 Aug 1998 - 11:07pm.

Sekmu has released version 1.10a of Descent 1 eXtended!  This unofficial patch for Descent 1 includes the following enhancements:

Download D1X 1.10a from our Demos and Patches page.


Awakenings preview mission Wed, 26 Aug 1998 - 2:12pm.

Awakenings, the forthcoming 21-level campaign for Freespace, will be available around October 20th.   In the meantime, however, Ahayweh Gate Productions have released a preview mission that gives you a glimpse of what the final campaign will be like.  Download "The Sands of Normandy" from our Single-player levels page.


FS Mission comp almost over Mon, 24 Aug 1998 - 6:44pm.

Interplay's Freespace Mission Design Contest is almost over - you have until 11:59pm PDT on the 25th (that's 5pm on the 26th AEST) to submit your entries.  Prizes include copies of Descent 3 and a spot on the Silent Threat expansion pack, so hurry!


Kali95 1.53 released Fri, 21 Aug 1998 - 11:56pm.

Kali95 1.53 is now available.  Launch support for Starcraft 1.02 has been added, as well as various other bug fixes.  Download it from our Kali page.


IDLC reaches Round 2 Wed, 19 Aug 1998 - 11:30pm.

The Internet Descent 2 Level Contest has reached Round 2 - around 350 levels remain.  Approximately 25-30 levels will remain for Round 3, and final results will be posted sometime in September.  Check out the IDLC Home Page for further details.


Freespace short story comp Wed, 19 Aug 1998 - 8:16pm.

Interplay are holding a short story writing competition for Freespace pilots!  Stories must be no longer than 5,000 words, and must be set in the Freespace universe.  Prizes include copies of Descent 3, Freespace leather jackets, t-shirts and posters.  Entries must be in no later than midnight September 30th, so get writing!  Click here for further details.  Thanks to Marco Carag for the news tip.


Volition interview Tue, 18 Aug 1998 - 7:43am.

The guys over at Station Omega have conducted an interview with Mike Kulas and Adam Pletcher of Volition, Inc.  The interview explores the past, present and future of Volition, and lightly discusses Descent 4 and Freespace 2.   Check it out!  Credit for this tip goes out to Strobe.


Winamp news Mon, 17 Aug 1998 - 10:26am.

Not really Descent-related (other than the fact a Descent skin for Winamp exists), but there isn't much else in the way of news at the moment. :)  Winamp 1.92-SP1 has been released, and includes support for not only MP3s, but also CD Audio, WAV, MOD, S3M, and much more.  Download it from our Other Files page.  Also released yesterday were a couple of screenshots of the long-awaited Winamp 2.0, one of which is below:

Winamp 2.0

Note that the EQ and PL windows are now supported by skins, and are dockable.  The PL window also sports it's own set of play controls.  Winamp 2.0 should be available early next month.


Devil X LC2 almost ready Sun, 16 Aug 1998 - 6:59pm.

Devil X, the new unofficial version of Devil the level editor, is almost ready for release.  It will contain support for the latest D1X (Descent 1 eXtended) features, including custom textures and bots.  All that remains to do is testing with a D1X version that supports DTX PIG patches.  Version LC1 is available on our Developer Toolkit.


Kali95 1.52 released Tue, 11 Aug 1998 - 11:54pm.

Kali95 1.52 is now available - it adds support for various demos, including the SiN demo, and fixes various niggly bugs.  The full list of new stuff is available here.  Download Kali 1.52 from our Kali page.


D1X 1.00 released Sat, 8 Aug 1998 - 7:19pm.

The D1X project - stalled when the project leader Kevin Bentley went to work for Outrage - has been revived, and version 1.00 has been released.  The enhancements from regular Descent 1 are as follows:

Descent 1, of course, is required - this is simply a patch, and also note that D1X is fully backward-compatible with previous versions of Descent 1.   You can download D1X 1.00 from our Demos and Patches page.  For more info, visit the D1X Project Home Page.  Also, stay tuned for a 3Dfx-enhanced version of Descent 1, coming very soon.


Kalinix 0.9 released Wed, 5 Aug 1998 - 4:12pm.

Good news for Linux users - a version of Kali for Linux is under development.   It currently works from a Linux console, and may be ported to XWindows sometime soon.  You can download the Kalinix 0.9 beta from here.  Thanks to Descentia for the tip.


New Freespace ships Mon, 3 Aug 1998 - 11:27am.

The Freespace Universe has developed several new ships and weapons for developers to include in their Freespace missions.   The full list follows:

  • GTH Mercy - A hospital ship based on the Faustus that has medbays instead of weapons.
  • GTBR Pegasus - A blockade runner with stronger hull and weapons, but can be disabled easier.
  • GSAR Gabriel - A search and rescue ship.
  • GTMI Dorado - A mining platform based on the Arcadia.
  • GTBX Newton - A heavy weapons platform based on the Ursa.
  • GTFX Lightning - An experimental ship based on the Ulysses with super fast turbos.
  • GTPV-M Proximity Mine.
  • RDP-01 Rearward Defence Pod.
  • Turbulance generation.

Be aware that the ships are still in beta, and quirks may occur when using them.   You can download the new ships here.