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November 1997

HAXMEdit beta 3 released Saturday, 29th Nov 1997 - 11:18pm AEST.

HAXMEdit beta 3 is now out, this version should fix the problem some users were having with a 50003 run-time error. Download it from our Developer Tools page.

More D3 pics Thursday, 27th Nov 1997 - 7:03pm AEST.

We have some more pictures from the forthcoming Descent 3 on our D3 page!

Valhalla Tower re-released Wednesday, 26th Nov 1997 - 10:00pm AEST.

Well, the time has finally come. As you can see, Valhalla Tower has undergone major (and long overdue) renovations, and is now back bigger and better than ever. We hope you like it! :)

Entropy 2: Vengeance released Monday, 24th Nov 1997 - 3:43pm AEST.

Entropy 2: Vengeance, the much-anticipated sequel to The Entropy Experiment, is now available to download on our Single-player Levels page. Six big levels, all custom bots, MIDI soundtrack, this is the best D2 custom mission ever!

AD2L site back up Saturday, 22nd Nov 1997 - 10:38pm AEST.

The Australian Descent 2 Ladder is back up in it's new location, after being down for just over a week. Visit it here.

Only 50 days to LAN2 Friday, 21st Nov 1997 - 5:58pm AEST.

LAN2, the big LAN meet to be held in Sydney, Australia, is fast approaching! Check out our LAN meets page for more info on it and other LAN meets around Australia.

Voodoo 2 FAQ Friday, 21st Nov 1997 - 5:52pm AEST.

Operation 3Dfx, the definitive 3Dfx Voodoo site, has put up an FAQ on the forthcoming Voodoo 2 3D accelerator card. Check it out here.

HAXMEdit released Tuesday, 18th Nov 1997 - 11:17pm AEST.

HAXMEdit, a Win95 HAM/HXM/VHAM editor, is the first module available from the forthcoming Descent Manager Win32. Never has HAM/HXM editing been so easy! Download it from our Developer Toolkit.

Anti-Teardrop patches Tuesday, 18th Nov 1997 - 8:36am AEST.

Teardrop is the latest in the Winnuke series of computer crashers. Unlike Winnuke, this will not give you a blue screen, but simply hang your computer - your mouse dies, Ctrl-Alt-Del won't work, you'll need to reset. To insure yourself against being Teardropped, download and install the winsock and DUN upgrades found on our Other Files page (these patches will also protect you from Winnuke and SSPing).

Descent: Freespace news Saturday, 15th Nov 1997 - 2:02pm AEST.

Descent: Freespace, the latest game from the Parallax/Volition team, will be available in April '98. Based in deep space as opposed to inside mines, the game will be along the lines of the Wing Commander and X-Wing games. We have a rolling demo and screenshots for you on our Descent: Freespace page!

New Kali95 1.2 DLL Revision Friday, 14th Nov 1997 - 8:56am AEST.

Kali, Inc have released another new DLL revision for Kali95 1.2 users, revision E. This patch adds support for Defiance, Age of Empires (full), Armored Fist 2, Total Annihilation patch B, Jedi Knight (full), Twisted Metal 2 and Jet Moto. It also fixes problems with AOE under NT, problems with parsing long filenames, and a command line bug with TA.

New Monster 3D drivers Thursday, 13th Nov 1997 - 10:17pm AEST.

Diamond have released a new packaged driver for the Monster 3D Voodoo accelerator card, version 1.09. Download it here. (1.2MB)

Polytron bugfix update Wednesday, 12th Nov 1997 - 7:20pm AEST.

Already, a bugfix update for Polytron! Among other fixes, the shift-right-click-crash bug is gone, and the number of textures is no longer auto set to 10. Get the new version from our Developer Toolkit.

Polytron released Monday, 10th Nov 1997 - 7:39pm AEST.

Polytron, Descent 2's first complete robot polymodel editor, has been released! Now you can create your own complete custom bots (when used in conjunction with HAXMEdit). Download it from our Developer Toolkit now!