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September 1998 preview re-released Mon, 21 Sep 1998 - 12:54pm. have re-released their Descent 3 preview, which was removed from their site after pressure from Outrage - the preview previously contained info that was horribly wrong.  Check out the new fixed preview here.


D1X 1.20 released Mon, 21 Sep 1998 - 12:22pm.

Version 1.20 of Descent 1 eXtended, the third-party patch for Descent 1 adding many new features, is now available.  New features include:

Download D1X 1.20 from our Demos and Patches page.


D3 ads! Sat, 19 Sep 1998 - 12:12pm.

Descent 3 ads are finally beginning to appear in major gaming magazines - PC Gamer being the first.  Click below to see each page of the two full page ad (scanning courtesy of Deep Space):

Page 1           Page 2

Nothing really exciting, I know, but it's a start.


FS Viewer 1.0 released Sat, 19 Sep 1998 - 11:55am.

Garry Knudson's Freespace Ship Viewer has now reached version 1.0 (that was quick!).   This version includes an extensive POF window (including polygon count) and other bug fixes.  Download it from our Developer Toolkit.


DM PLREdit beta 1b released Thu, 17 Sep 1998 - 2:19pm.

The Descent Network is really pumping out the new versions of Descent Manager modules!  Descent Manager PLREdit, a tool for viewing and editing your Descent 2 player's stats outside of the game, has been revamped and is now available as beta 1b.   Download the new version from our Developer Toolkit.


Silent Threat weapons Thu, 17 Sep 1998 - 2:03pm.

Volition have let slip details of some of the new weapons to be included in the forthcoming add-on pack for Descent: Freespace, Silent Threat.  Someone posted the following weapon suggestion to the FDL:

> 3. Shield destroying secondary weapon-
> Big, bulky, but can totally knock out a fighter's shields for a
> couple of seconds! The strategy is just awesome! (You've
> probably already thought of this)

To which, Dave Baranec of Volition replied: comment...cough..mission...cough.. cough...disk....cough :)

Volition also mentioned a weapon that would "scramble your radar signature for a few seconds".  Silent Threat should be available in a few weeks.


DM DETLEF beta 2 released! Tue, 15 Sep 1998 - 1:33pm.

Descent Manager DETLEF, the tool for browsing and downloading Descent 1 and 2 missions from the Internet, has now reached beta 2.  Included with the new version are some extra tools: DLD beta 1, a quick downloading tool; DSpy 2 beta 1, an updated version of the old DSpy that lets you monitor games in progress on Kali and on LAN; and a complete manual for DETLEF.  Download the new DETLEF from our Developer Toolkit. fiasco Tue, 15 Sep 1998 - 9:43am.

It seems that yesterday put up a preview of Descent 3 on their site that was full of erroneous info, including their claims that D3 development was "at a stand still", multiplayer was "very buggy", the storyline was "not in place",  Microsoft was D3's developer, and several of the new weapons were named incorrectly.  After pressure from Outrage and others, has since removed the article and printed a retraction.  Luke Schneider of Outrage posted the following regarding this:

I can reassure you that development on D3 is not at a stand still.  In fact it's in full gear.  If you read the article on, you'll notice tons of inaccuracies (6 weapon names are completely wrong).  Our multiplayer is also not "very buggy" as stated in the article.  I can't emphasize enough that our multiplayer is gonna rock.

Craig Derrick, producer at Outrage, also posted a statement - you can find it in his Developer Notes. have promised to fix the article and repost it when it's ready.  Kudos to Strobe for the news tip.


DM VPView beta 4 released Sun, 13 Sep 1998 - 11:10pm.

Descent Manager VPView, the tool for viewing and extracting movies, images and sounds from Descent: Freespace, has been updated to beta 4.  The new version includes caching for faster VP file access, a new Explorer-like interface and file associations.   Download the new version from our Developer Toolkit.


D1 D3D alpha released Sat, 12 Sep 1998 - 12:36pm.

Hot on the heels of the Descent Network's Descent 1 3Dfx patch, Piers Haken has released the very first alpha of Descent 1 ported to Direct3D.  Be warned, though - it is a *very* early alpha, and should only be run if you know what you are doing.   None of the titles, menus or status bars are shown yet, but work is in progress!   Visit the D1 D3D home page for more info, and download D1 D3D alpha from our Demos and Patches page.


FS standalone server update Fri, 11 Sep 1998 - 3:39pm.

Volition have released an update for Freespace - but it only patches code relevant to the stand-alone server operation.  Those of you who don't operate stand-alone Freespace servers do *not* need to get this patch.  If you do, download the update from our Demos and Patches page.


FS ship viewer released Thu, 10 Sep 1998 - 9:12am.

Garry Knudson, who brought you the PMView polymodel viewer for Descent 2, has developed a similar tool for Descent: Freespace.  Simply called the FS Viewer, now you can view Freespace's ships outside of the game!  Download FS Viewer from our Developer Toolkit.


Matt Toschlog interview Thu, 10 Sep 1998 - 2:30am.

3D Gaming World has conducted an interview with Outrage's Matt Toschlog, head developer of Descent 3.  Check out the full interview here.


FS Reference Bible released Wed, 9 Sep 1998 - 4:58pm.

Volition have finally been able to release their reference bible for Descent: Freespace.  This document contains info on the "look and feel" of the FS universe, and contains full scripts of all the cutscenes (including the ones that were cut).  It doesn't, unfortunately, give much detail on unrevealed backstory, but it will be handy for developers nonetheless.  Download the 4.3 meg document from our Other Files page.


FRED reference card Wed, 9 Sep 1998 - 4:51pm.

Dynamo of Ahayweh Gate has prepared a reference card for users of Descent: Freespace's mission editor FRED - it contains a multitude of information that mission developers will find handy, and will fit on a single printed page.  Check it out here.


The Heavens released Tue, 8 Sep 1998 - 2:27am.

The Heavens is a new D2 mission pack from Nirvana and Sirian, which features a total of nine levels and several custom textures and bots.  It's unique in that it has been designed for both single-player and multiplayer play.  Download The Heavens from our Single-player Levels page.


Kali 1.54 available Thu, 3 Sep 1998 - 1:06am.

Kali 1.54 has been released - it simply adds filters to the TCP browser.   The complete list of what's new is available here, and Kali 1.54 is available for download on our Kali page.


Freespace cheats available! Wed, 2 Sep 1998 - 5:02pm.

PC Games' October issue contains several cheats for Descent: Freespace, the first cheats so far to be discovered!  These cheats do *not* work in multiplayer, and if used in a campaign mission, will *not* allow you to advance to the next mission.  The cheats are detailed below:

Type in while in the game, this will activate cheat mode.  Then hold down the tilde (~) key while entering one of the following:

  • Shift-C toggles countermeasures on/off on all ships.
  • K destroys your current target.
  • Alt-Shift-K does about 10% damage to your current target.
  • Alt-K does about 10% damage to your own ship.
  • I toggles invulnerability mode.
  • Shift-I toggles invulnerability on your current target.
  • O toggles Descent-style physics:
    • A and Z let you accelerate forwards and backwards.
    • Keypad 1 and 3 let you slide left and right.
    • Keypad + and Enter let you slide up and down.
    • Other controls mapped to keyboard same as Descent's default settings.
  • W gives infinite weapons.
  • Shift-W gives all ships infinite weapons.
  • G marks all primary objectives as complete.
  • Shift-G marks all secondary objectives as complete.
  • Alt-G marks all bonus objectives as complete.
  • 9 scrolls forwards through all secondary weapons (including ones not normally on Terran fighters).
  • Shift-9 scrolls backwards through all secondary weapons (including ones not normally on Terran fighters).
  • 0 scrolls forwards through all primary weapons (including ones not normally on Terran fighters).
  • Shift-0 scrolls backwards through all primary weapons (including ones not normally found on Terran fighters).
  • R requests rearm for your current target.

Also type in freespacestandsalone to allow you to watch all movies in the Tech Room.

Credit for all the hard work of finding and testing these cheats goes out to the Descent Chronicles.


Devil X LC2 released Tue, 1 Sep 1998 - 9:43am.

A new version of Devil X, the unofficial bugfix versions of the Descent 1 and 2 level editor, is now available - version LC2.  This version provides support for D1X, which means you can now create levels with custom textures and bots in Descent 1.   Download Devil LC2 from our Developer Toolkit.