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Subject: Re: Stop slamming Parallax!!!!! (Verite and Voodoo patch)
Date: 27 Jan 1997 06:47:54 GMT
From: "Jason Leighton" (
Organization: Outrage Entertainment

> But, can you tease us with the new ideas you have for it?
> New features? The new engine capabilities?

There are alot of things we'd love to do for Descent III, but project
deadlines and framerate dictate whether or not we'll get them in.
First and foremost is the inclusion of a good story and a better
sense of place than in D1 or D2. We are not however turning into a
FMV and its the excitement of gameplay that we'll be concentrating on.

I think we'll have some extremely nice physics in D3, which will make
the immersion that much better. Realtime shadows, colored lights,
bump mapping and 16bit color will enhance the graphical aspect of the

The new bots are going to be pretty cool. One variety that we're
planning crawls up the walls and jumps onto your ship, drilling
into it. I look forward to the day where I can see 50 of these
things coming at me...

Surface combat (ie a terrain engine) is a possibility.

As far as new weapons go, we've come up with several new ones, many
which will see the cutting room floor I'm sure. Ion cannons,
tractor beams,flame throwers, mines that follow you, mine mounted
turrets, etc.

And of course multiplayer will be greatly enhanced.

The list goes on and on, but I'm extremely tired...

I'm not sure about what kind of computer you'll need, but we will
have a complete software renderer for the crowd that doesn't have
3d acceleration. The software renderer might have features that
the 3d cards in 18 months don't have. It's hard to play the
guessing game with hardware. Nevertheless, my 'guess' is that a
great computer now (200 mhz) will be the requirement for a possible
late 1998 release.

Be advised that the above information could be the ravings of a
madman, and that we just might change our direction and pump out
Duke Nukem levels for the next 5 years. In other words, please
don't hold Parallax/Outrage to any of the above statements because
they could change at any time!