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Subject: Re: Stop slamming Parallax!!!!!
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 15:26:55 GMT
From: (Mike Kulas)
Organization: PSI Public Usenet Link

>Could you explain the spilt of parallax. I think Volition is doing
>freespace and outrage is doing d3. But I am not sure.

That's correct.

Volition, formerly the Champaign, IL office of Parallax is doing
FreeSpace, a space game. We'll also probably be doing Descent 4,
assuming there's demand. In a perfect world, we'll overlap
development with Descent 3 and Descent 4 will come out the
following year, 1999.

Outrage, formerly the Ann Arbor, MI office of Parallax is working on
Descent 3.

Mike Kulas
Volition, Inc./Parallax Software