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Subject: Re: Vertigo secret levels
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 14:47:00 GMT
Organization: Netcom

>I found one secret level in the Descent II Vertigo add-on levels (in level
>16, I think). Is there another?


There are 3 secret levels in Vertigo:

Level 4: Face the red door, look up in the ceiling to your
upper right and shoot the indentation.

Level 10: Just outside the energy center room with the blue key
drop down to the lava in the little tunnel leading to the blue
door. The secret level entrance is thru the lava.

Level 16: In a ceiling pocket above the reactor area (not directly
above the reactor. Also, shoot thru the secret level window to hit
a control panel that opens the grate in front of the shaker in the
reactor room.

I'll check my demo archive, I made a bunch of short (mostly) demos
of the various secrets of Vertigo. I'll send you a copy.