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From: Christopher Pfeiffer (
Subject: Re: Physics (from Outrage)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 12:19:39 -0500
Organization: Outrage Entertainment

> Okay, but doesn't this imply laminar flow when the ship would definitely
> have turbulent air friction resulting in the force varying as a function of
> v^2 ie:

Because of the ship's shields, it behaves in a sphere-like fashion and
laminar flow was not used. :)

> I'm sure it would be quite
> likely for PTMC to have installed some sort of GPS system in the mines.
> Especially for all the robots to navigate around. And you have the automap
> too, so it's all pretty much taken care of.

Although, I cannot talk about plot. You will get to know more about PTMC in

See you in the mines!

Christopher M. Pfeiffer
Outrage Entertainment
AI, Physics, and 3D Sound for Descent III