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From: (Springer)
Subject: Forsaken....can you say they'd better start working on D4?
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 05:29:01 GMT

After 10 hours playing Forsaken today ....I must say that they are
going to have to scrap D3 and move right on to D4. We played on a 12
user LAN at Acclaims office in NY. The game right now is in alpha..and
from what I've seen is less buggy then some full released games I've
seen. The game will support up to 16 players (Alpha supported 12) and
it is an experience to play almost fluid like in a 12 player game..on
an entry level system. (K6 200's and Cyrix 200's) is an
alpha and it does have a few bugs to be worked on,and a few idea's
that were brainstormed on tonight that would make the over all play
simply awesome....Don't knock this game till you've got a chance to
sit down and fly threw a level once.....and this is coming from me...a
person who has only played D1 and D2 for the last 3 years. On a side
note..these guys at Acclaim are HIGHLY commited to making a top notch
game.....and from what I've seen..they are on the right road and
moving fast.


and one got paid to do is our love of multiplayer
games such as Descent and Forsaken that we did it.

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