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This is a transcript of the chat that took place at the *second* Freespace IRC chat with members of Volition, Inc.   It has also been edited for readability.

<IceFire> First question (from me): Is there any set date on the release of the demo version and will it have multiplayer (if that is known at this time)
<V-Adam> No set release date. It did go into QA today, however. It's not a release candidate, though. We expect it to be done later this month.
<V-Adam> No, the demo will not have multiplayer.

<IceFire> any idea how many missions?
<V-Adam> Yes, it has a three missions in a mini-branch campaign. Depending on certain things in the first, you'll see one or the other mission next.

<IceFire> next: <HH-Soft_2> tried to play with 12 players over the net now? how well does it perform?
<V-Adam> The only big tests we've done so far are on a LAN using simulated lag. It did pretty well, considering how little testing we'd done on multi up to that point...
<V-Adam> But it's coming along nicely.

<D_Covell> Has there been any plans of additional features and/or missions for a addon pack for the game?
<V-Adam> There's talk about an add-on disk, and even FS 2, but it's all just talk so far. Everyone's too busy with the first one. :)

<IceFire> okay, next: <Arsentia> About the voice capabilities in MP, will there be an option to shut off streaming sound if bandwidth isn't high enough?
<V-Adam> Ars: Of course. Clients can turn it off at will. People running servers can shut it off on the server side. And there's also a "quality of service" slider that lowers bandwidth needs at the cost of compression.

<IceFire> <Assasin> How big will the levels be? D2 size, or Quake 1 size (like 1.5 meg, for the Q illit)
<V-Adam> Assassin: There's no levels, really, just missions. It's a space combat game, so it all takes place in open space. You can fly in one direction for a very, very long time if that's what you mean...
<V-Adam> But how "spread out" a mission is depends on how the designer made it.
<IceFire> mabey he is talking about the size
<V-Adam> oh... duh.
<V-Adam> hang on...
<V-Adam> Our biggest mission right now is 85k.

<IceFire> okay, next: <HH-Soft_2> does it run under NT *WITH* Voodoo?
<V-Adam> Not sure, I don't see why not. We're doing full support for NT so far.
<V-Adam> I'd have to ask John, though.

<IceFire> next: <Lowen> Hmm.. My last one for the evening before I go a meeking again: Is there a snowball's chance in hell of a Linux version existing within the next 5 years? ;)
<V-Adam> Well, sure there's a chance, but I don't think we'd be the one's writing it. There are no Linux plans for FS. :)
<V-Adam> Gotta split in 5 minutes.

<IceFire> oh...heres another one about the NT 3dfx stuff:
<IceFire> <HH-Soft_2> but there are no 3Dfx drivers for Direct3D /NT yet ... only OpenGL... is it a OpenGL game?
<V-Adam> No, it runs under Glide. There's a chance we'll do an OpenGL version, but it's a pretty small chance I think.
<V-Adam> BTW, the demo will support software rendering and Glide only.

<IceFire> <Assasin> How will the Squadron-tatooing on ships go? Do you supply an image to the server? How big can the image be?
<V-Adam> Assasin: You can't change the ship textures, they're just too big to transfer. But before a mission starts, you can all look at each other's pilot pictures (which you can make), as well as your squad logos.

<D_Covell> Was there a really cool feature you guys wanted to add but couldn't because of....something?
<V-Adam> Covell: Ejection system didn't make it. Players in turrets didn't either. No demo-recording system, either. :(
<V-Adam> But there's plenty of great stuff that did make it.
<V-Adam> Just too hard, and semi-pointless. But there was some debate for awhile. We just didn't have the time.

<IceFire> okay, I think the major question is: Will Appogie be releasing Freespace first like they have been claiming, or will Interplay?
<V-Adam> That's still being decided, believe it or not. It seems likely that it will be Interplay-only. I can't say for sure, though.