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After 2 years of long hard work the Forsaken team is going on Vacation. Forsaken has officially gone Gold and will show up in a store near you around April 24Th in the US.

Welcome to the 1St printing of the Forsaken Newsletter. We would like to thank all of you for downloading the Forsaken demo, sending your comments, questions, gameplay bugs and all around cool emails about how much you liked the demo. The Forsaken Team have worked very hard to offer hardcore gamers the best gaming experience possible. We have implemented many of the ideas you asked for through your emails and newsgroup posts.

Thank you for all the support,

Shawn David Rosen - Producer



Here is a Forsaken update:



We just finished putting the final touches on the Forsaken Strategy guide. It's filled w/ tons of cool strategies on completing all the levels, flight maneuvering, how to compete w/ the pro's on the Net and lot's of great pics and interviews.



Check out The 1St Forsaken ladder is now forming and it is sweet. Created by the one and only Descentile. The ladder is currently running off the demo, this will all change very soon, after the final is released in stores the demo becomes obsolete. The final version of Forsaken totally evens out the playing field. See Multiplayer update below



Forsaken now supports Microsoft's Force feedback controller, it's really cool. Every weapon has a different feel. The Sussgun rattles like a machine gun, the Trojax whips back, the bigger the charge the more intense the Feedback is.



I don't how many of you are aware of this but Forsaken does not require a 3D card to run. You will need a minimum P166 and a 2D board w/ at least 2 Megs of ram to run software. It looks and performs excellent.



One of the biggest issues that came back to me about the demo was that players could not save. This was strategically done for the demo; we didn't want to make it too easy for everyone to finish. Dynamic saving works perfectly, it supports 16 saving slots to save your progress.

The Forsaken levels are outstanding, every level is totally different. Absolutely beautiful environments, textures to die for and really cool water. Not you’re average water, totally polygonal and amazing. Water drops fall from the ceiling causing ripples of waves to flow all around in huge pools. Different weapons cause-varying amounts of wave disbursement. Giant Turbine fans with pushing and pulling forces send you this way and that. Totally insane levels, Toll Temple "Indiana Jones style" w/ all the trimmings, the awesome Thermal Power Station 'watch out for Rex hardy & make sure to use that rearview', The beautiful Biosphere "don't get electrocuted".



Forsaken boasts some really cool bosses, from the Exogenon spider to Big Geek the underwater attack submarine. They pack some serious punch so watch your back. Whatever you do make sure to never stop moving. I don't want to give anything away regarding the bosses in the game, you will just have to find out for yourself.



Stay alert, scavenger bikers are everywhere. They track your every move, follow you everywhere and are equipped w/ some serious firepower. Make sure you learn the roll technique. The Forsaken bikers might have a few things to say to you.



All the weapons and powerups are in, the Laser is awesome w/ it's double beam stream. The Pyrolite has its finishing touches and kicks butt. The Transpulse is awesome, it bounces off walls and heatseeks to your enemies last point of origin. Bounce it off a wall in a room ahead of you to see where the campers are. 'Campers Beware'. The total even the playing fields weapon is the Scatter missile, it looks as good as it works. It makes any enemy that it hits drop there weapons in multiplay "minor damage", better learn those dodging techniques, they really work.



Power-ups galore J

Nitro – I got a need for speed, this puppy packs some serious speed, watch the screen stretch when you use this tasty power-up.

Golden Powerpod – Shaped like the green powerpods but yellow in color. The shape is the only thing they have in common. Get one of these babies and get an arsenal of power. Full Nitro, 4 powerpods and Unlimited ammo for all weapons in your possession for a limited amount of time J .

Chaos Shield – This power-up is very cool, it makes you invulnerable for a said amount of time, when shooting projectiles at someone w/ this power-up everything bounces off. A red polka dot shield will appear when someone is invincible. You can retaliate the Chaos shield if you hit the player w/ the scatter missile.

There are a bunch more powerups but I don’t want to give everything away.



If you picked up the Forsaken retail demo at your local computer store you got a taste of the Forsaken Biker voices. Each bike 16 in all has it's own character voice to accompany the bike. "Different than the computer bike voice". All voices can be turned On/Off.



We now have 5 Computer Bike voices to choose from, my personal favorite is Brenda. There was some talk that she was the Forsaken girl in the adds?????? All voices can be turned On/Off.



Here is where all of your comments and ideas you sent really come into play.


I hope everyone likes Forsaken as much as we do, we would really like to hear any comments you may have, gameplay ideas, Bugs etc.. Send email to . If you would like to receive Forsaken Newsletters in the future please send your email address to

See you on the Internet,

Shawn David Rosen