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A Descent 2 programmer's cheating anecdote
Excerpt taken from Jason Leighton's D3 Ramblings, 30 Apr 98.

While we were developing Descent II we had our offices in a really small
business suite.  I had the honor of sitting next to Mark Dinse, a level designer
who takes evil delight in the verbal taunting of his Descent victims.  What he
would do was:

1.) Design the level
2.) Add powerups
3.) Invite me to test the level in multiplayer - which I would
4.) Grab the invulnerabilty, the cloak, and the mega (all of which only he knew
     the location of)
5.) Sneak up behind me and kill me
6.) Laugh cruelly at my screams and call me "loser"
7.) Repeat

After about 2 months of such abuse I decided to take matters into my own
hands.  I added a whole slew of multiplayer cheats that only effected his
machine.  Things like making the homing lock sound turn on, causing him to
whip around fiercely only to find no one there.  Or a tractor beam which
would instantly teleport his ship into mine.  My favorite was getting him into
a dogfight and pressing the shift-F8 key and watching his joystick sensitivity
drop to zero thereby making it impossible for him to turn.  For a long time he
thought it was hardware problems.  All the while I'd be falling over myself
with laughter!  Its good to be in charge of multiplayer, thats for sure...

And no, before you ask - those multiplayer cheats are not in D2.  I actually
removed the code from the source file to prevent the cheats from ending up
in the finished product.  Sorry!