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Descent 3 cast of characters
Excerpt taken from Craig Derrick's developer notes, 3 Aug 98.

Our cast includes:

Material Defender - George Del Hoyo
Katelyn Harper - Adrienne Barbeau
S. Dravis - David Warner
Jerry, Misc. - Charles Rocket
Doctor, Misc. - Maurice La Marché

Below is an excerpt from my report when I came back:

The studio was located on the outskirts of Burbank and looked like a
fairly normal building.  The inside was much smaller than I had expected,
but had the usual framed ‘Thank You’ letters and autographed photos on
the walls.  We were introduced to Chris Borders, the voice director for
Interplay.  He was very knowledgeable of the script and had some good
suggestions during the actual recording.  He had some interesting stories
about working on Starfleet Academy and specifically about the
difficulties of working with William Shatner.

The first person to arrive was Andrea Romero, the director.  She was
very pleasant and had a good repoire with the actors.  She is the current
director for Batman: The Animated Series, Pinky & The Brain, and all the
WB station identifiers.  She was very knowledgeable of the script and
open for any suggestions that we had concerning the direction of the
characters.  David Warner showed up soon after and seemed very pleasant. 
He gave a great performance as Dravis and I’m disappointed we didn’t have
more for him to do.  He was also the first to leave, as he was flying out to
London for the premiere of Titanic immediately after the voice recordings. 

George Del Hoyo was very good once again as the Material Defender.  He
has a medium build and was much younger than I expected.  It was strange
to finally meet the guy whose voice I’ve been hearing for over a year in
Descent II.  His acting was consistent with Descent II and overall I’m very
happy with his performance.  Listening to him read the D3 script made you
feel like this was a Descent game.  He was also wearing a Detroit baseball
cap during the recording which made us feel at home.  When Adrienne
showed up they were already half way through the recording.  This actually
worked out perfect for our video recording, because when she finally did
record her lines we were done recording David Warner.  She looked like she
was still in great shape, but was virtually unrecognizable.  I guess that's the
benefit of voice-recording, you don't have to look like a movie star.  Her
reading was very professional and I think she will do a great job in the

Maurice La Marché was very cool and the primary source of all our out takes.
Maurice is the man of a thousand voices and plays ‘The Brain’ on ‘Pinky and
the Brain’.  Maurice was sleeping on the couch in the studio waiting for an
open mic when someone walked by and asked if he was ready.  His reply was
"Yes!" said perfectly as "The Brain".  A very cool moment.